Re-launch Update

Dear Audiogon Community,

Over the last several weeks we have made different announcements about the launch of our new and improved site.  I’m sure by now some of you might be wondering what is going on?  During this time we encountered technical problems, which we have been working diligently to fix.

Rest assured the new and improved Audiogon is coming.  With the Holiday season rapidly approaching we have decided that it’s best for us to launch right after the New Year.  It is imperative that the re-launch is up to our standards and yours.  Furthermore YOU, the community have told us that waiting until the Holiday’s are over is ideal.

In the meantime please enjoy the current site.  We greatly appreciate the patience and loyalty of our users.  We are making these changes to give you an improved and more enjoyable experience.

Happy Holiday’s and we look forward to bringing you a fantastic updated site in 2012!!


  1. May I suggest a “dark mode” for viewing like many forums use for those with bright screen sight issues like myself and may others have. This is a huge help in looking and reading screens for extended periods.


    1. I second the dark mode. I would greatly appreciate navigating this sight without all the glare. Thank you for suggesting it Ken.
      Happy Holidays,

  2. Either you are just plain stupid or have nothing better to do than make snide comments …. ruined the holidays … good grief

    Interesting that there have been hundreds of new postings on the Audiogon site today …

    On the flip side, it was nice of Audiogon to accommodate the members wishes to delay the update until the new year and also work out some of the issues that they have discovered.

    1. my above reply was supposed to be for Lorraine’s ruid comments (not you Ken … LOL) … but I just noticed that they have been removed, and deservingly so!

  3. Audiogon …one of my favorite sites, too; not in the market to buy as a rule, but a person never knows until an opportunity presents itself. Always enjoyed the original format, but new is sometimes better, though it will come with kinks. No matter, “I’ll be back!”


  4. Could someone tell me if the this site work is it making it hard to use the site. I haven’t used audiogon much before, but I recently bought some speakers. and wanted to leave positive feedback, and I want to list a couple things for sale. However, everytime I try to post a classified I get sort of into nowhere land with a blank page. Am I the only person having issues? I tried emailing audiogon a couple weeks ago and again today and got no response so far. Any suggestions appreciated. It’s a great site and I want to use it some more ! thanks…..

    (this is a repeat of my earlier comment — could moderator please delete the earlier one because i shouldn’t have put in a last name,,,thanks)

  5. Remove negative comments.
    Sounds as exactly what the communist or a dictator would do.
    Are we still living in the free of the free.
    What a pity and shame on all of us who shop here

  6. Not excited anymore. You cried wolf twice. I’ll believe it when I see it. Best not to list anything till then for fear it will get lost.

  7. What a tragic mistake…… the changes will make Audiogon a money sponge. It will only make it tougher to do business in an economical way. Fees, charges, value added crap, all add up to a disaster. Find something else for those programmers you are paying countless thousands of dollars to do. Fixing something that works is just plain nuts. There is a reason we are here and not on E-Bay

    1. like sorting through weeks of old and sold postings?? A GUI that looks like 1995?? this site is a mess and needs an overhaul desperately.

    2. Mike-o-dike, errr… Michael. You seem so profoundly unhappy with this site that it makes one wonder why you even bother emerging from your troll cave to post. Do you even listen to music, or are you just here to whine?

      The tragic mistake, it seems, was your birth.

      Most sincerely and non-pretentiously,

      Emerald Hammond Sir Listenalot David Petterhausenschnaufenfickenbuchen III, Esq.

      P.S. Dry roasted nuts are far far better than “just plain nuts.” Unless, of course they’re just “plane” nuts, which makes them–almost by definition–roasted and not plain.

    3. this is almost as big a mistake as netflix made!
      if another site popped up like the old audiogon without the added fees
      you would go out of business.
      the search no longer works like it did & the layout is a cluster because you wanted more room for advertising.
      bring back the old audiogon!!!
      maybe some lost revenue will make you think.

      1. Audiogon,

        Do you see a common theme here yet? Everybody HATES your site now! 100% of the comments here are, justifiably, extremely negative. There’s no grey area, it’s unanimous. So wake up, recognize that you screwed up, and just put the old site back up. All will be forgiven, and everybody will LOVE you again.

      2. Yesssssss!!! I agree with Ron. Please bring back the old audiogon. The old A’gon is more highend look and wayyyyyyyy easier to brownse. Can we get together to sign the petition for bringing back the old good A’gon? Thanks Ron for voicing up.

  8. I’m very concerned about changes coming to the Audiogon website. I’ve been here for years and I think Audiogon is one of the best out there. I hope they don’t ruin it.

    1. For what I see it looks like the new A’gon is not better. In fact, I found it a lot worst than the old one. I wish they could go back to the previous version, but it really is out of our hand. It’s sad.

  9. Transactions always seemed fairly easy to conduct either buying or selling, and/or simply finding available items; not sure what you will be bringing to the table with your changes, but hopefully as Michael states not more or higher fees.

  10. Is the warning pop-up I’m getting (on IE) blocking cross-site scripting a part of the update? Never got this before…and would prefer not ever getting it again.

  11. What happens if you release and the majority of the A’gon community demands a return to the old version?

    I’m excited to see the new site but always have reservations.

  12. I hope you have developed a means to save a search for an item and give an email notification to the individual.

  13. I must be missing something. I understand holding off until technical issues are resolved, but what difference does it make if the changes are posted before, during, or after the Holidays? What exactly will the affect be on us users other than a different surfing/searching portal?

    I would rather get it over and end the ongoing ads about what is coming.

  14. I’m new to the world of being an audiophile, and my experience since my first transaction
    in Audiogon (12 months ago) has been really good. I’m looking forward to the changes
    (even though I know very little about them). I love CHANGE/PROGESS, I guess that’s
    why I’m intrigued by this hobby. Thanks.

  15. I agree with Michael. It is obvious that the Ebayers are starting to show up in droves and selling their garbage at stuipd high prices. If they bring their buyers your going to need a thousand dollars to buy a pair of Panasonic thrusters. LOL
    The high end audio site my foot. Ebay V2
    At least make them post in a category. Like mid fi, vintage, or ebay junk.

  16. I’ve been buying and selling on audiogon since 1998, its been a great site except for the last few weeks with all the changes they’re working on.

    It’s the Worlds best site to buy and sell new and used HiEnd Audio Gear, great Forums! and Much More!

    eBay is the complete opposite with the Huge Fee’s and to many negatives to mention.

    I’ve been having issues with my Logo not appearing, sent over 5 emails since Monday December 19th. and very little response back with no resolution.

    Your email addresses work and then don’t work, been getting back these emails after I send out emails from two different email accounts. Gmail and my DNS email address.

    I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
    This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

    If anyone else have been having these issues please let Audiogon know.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Chris,

      Today is the first day that our staff is back from Holiday break. Please be patient. We are running some tests on the new site now. Hopefully all goes well and we will be able to roll out the new site this week.

  17. No user acceptance testing?
    No Opt-In Preview period to gather feedback and tweak the update?
    No real statement of what the update will bring?

    This combined with the delays does not equal a lot of customer confidence that the new site will meet their needs.

    1. Hi Soundoff,
      Over the past few months we’ve done a lot of user testing and an Opt-in Preview for a select number of users. We’ve done 8 blog posts that you can read here that talk in depth about the changes coming.

  18. A suggestion: Many sites I use offer a ‘beta site’ that runs in parallel during a major revamp/transition.
    Is that possible here?

  19. Will there be a “search by zip or range” option? I often want to see what’s available nearby, so I can audition expensive gear before purchasing (and minimize shipping). Points to agon from waiting till they get the update right, no harm in that. Happy holidays…

  20. I hope you bring back visibility of prices on sold items. Sorry to say, but it’s no secret that the Bluebook is worthless and highly inaccurate because it doesn’t log anywhere near all of the transactions on a given item and is missing many products. Let fair market value prevail. It will help move product along more efficiently and bring a higher rate of satisfaction to both buyers and sellers who know they have gotten a fair deal with minimal hassle.

    I understand you are seeking to profit from making this information available, so if you insist on doing this to the dismay of many members, at least make it simple and just “unlock” final sale prices (that means accepted offers on “obo” ads as well, instead of just asking prices) on whatever is searched instead of failing to keep an accurate database of only what the staff knows of.

    1. Agree 100%. I am a relatively new user and the attempt to monetize past transaction data is a big negative. This contributes to sellers setting prices too high and bidders making lowball offers.


  22. While my activity as a member of the Audiogon Community would best be described as occasional, my appreciation for the site and the people I have transacted with over the years has been nothing less than pleasurable. The site needs an update, folks; it is commendable that the owners acknowledged that. Will we all be content with the new format – whatever that may be? Probably not. Recently my company replaced its entire sales data entry system, and you can imagine the initial ruckus that ensued. Within a week 90% of the users stopped carping, within 2 weeks 99% started offering constructive suggestions and wondering how they ever kept using our old system. Change is good – vive la Audiogon!

  23. My initial comment about the relaunched site is that there should be a way to filter out music from the equipment. I think many of us are willing to browse through all the equipment at once but would like to see it without all the music mixed in.

  24. I certainly hope that the site isn’t functioning at even 60% right now. Time will tell, it’s just too bad that users have to beta test it. I am glad that my recent transaction is final as I wouldn’t want something out there now.

  25. WOW! I think you screwed the pooch on this one. Music, auctions and classifieds all mixed together. Please separate them. It feels like I digging through the laundry basket to find my missing black sock. In addition, now there are multiple pages of listings. I just prefer to scroll down and and scan on one page. Also, the bright white background is just too bright Tone it down because it’s bleaching out the text.. When you click on a link, the color change is too close to see without straining your eyes; a headache waiting to happen. Highlighted items do not have enough contrast. What do the stars in front of listings mean? After flipping through three pages I just gave up. I usually visit the site two or three times and day, click on the first item in the classified section, page back and then scroll down and scan the listings until I find the marked link from my last visit. I can’t do this anymore. So, know I’m forced to write down the first listing and then scan for the through pages until I find the listing that I wrote down before. In addition, I now have to filter out music and auction listings. About the only parts I like is the pictures now pop over the listing instead of opening in a new tab and the sellers other items are listed down the right side.

  26. Before the site was pulled down, i had a chance to play with some of the search functions. I really missed the geographic searches (zip code).

    Also, any idea as to when the site will be back up?

  27. Absolutely agree with Michael that fixing something that works fine will not bring any good.
    Older Audiogon version was much better. Simple logical and easy to use.
    I don`t like to whine but there are many things that can be improved. Some of most disturbing shortcoming in my opinion are below:
    New site itself has less contrast (too light and dull colors) also too slim text. Therefore much harder to track and spot listings.
    No option to contact other members outside of listing.
    Also member lookup does not show if your searched member has active listings or not.
    Illogical “best match” as default taken from ebay. I suppose that most like to see new items first?
    No Audiogon picks that motivated sellers to take quality pictures of their items.
    Can`t see seller feedback score in listing.
    Absolutely illogical order in category menu. For example accessories first then amplifiers second and preamplifiers on bottom between cables and home theater.
    No possibility for seller to keep response private.
    Hope most shortcomings will be fixed because it`s still the best audiophile marketplace.

    1. I couldn’t agree more!

      “No option to contact other members outside of listing.”
      “No possibility for seller to keep response private?”
      This is by far one of the biggest issues and needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP! The Old way worked for over 13 years.

      If its not fixed soon..the Audiogon Community will leave in droves to find other better alternatives.

      If you don’t have sellers posting ads and buyers buying their gear, than how will you make money?

      Give the people what they want and they’ll keep coming back, this is what made Audiogon Successful.

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