We’re Listening 1st Week Updates

Audiogon Community:

It’s been a few day’s now since we launched the new Audiogon and we hope you are enjoying it!  We have heard back from many of you letting us know how much you like the new site and what areas also need more work.

We intend to have ongoing improvements to the Audiogon website.  Your input is invaluable since we consider our membership feedback as our most powerful guide in moving forward.

We are currently working on and planning to roll out in the next few days and weeks, Editing capabilities for your listing, Want Ads, Auctions, and much more.  We are listening and know you have asked for more work on, site search capabilities, member look-up, zip code by radius, color improvements, larger fonts and fraud protection.

Many of you have asked WHY did we update the site?

The main reasons we updated the site was to bring you New Features, Increased Security and Increased Capacity to support our growing community.  For the past 14 years Audiogon members have asked for dozens of new features and additional functionality.  The computer language that our original site was written, forgoes any opportunity to make changes easily.  Thus we have embarked on a journey to start fresh with a dynamic and comprehensive overhaul for Audiogon.  Our goal is to be responsive to this wonderful audiophile community and provide state of the art solutions to what we all want this site to become.

Although we have spent months working with select members to test and tweek the new site, we realize some of you are still having challenges. Please be patient with us as we are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  If you are still experiencing difficulties you may contact us at http://support.audiogon.com.  We currently have a backlog of open issues and we are working to resolve them.  So that we may better assist you we ask that you provide us with your User Name, email address, and as much detail as possible regarding your issue.

Once again your loyalty and support is greatly appreciated and we will continue working hard to enhance the site in 2012 and beyond.

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