New site features and what is to come.

We are pleased to announce that Featured Listings will now be more prominent.  The most recent featured listing will now display at the top of each sub-category page, such as speakers.  In addition the most recent featured listings will rotate through the home page, giving you guaranteed homepage coverage.

Launched last week Sort By Category:  Now when you perform searches, your search results will now show the sub category listed instead of classified or auction.   Many of you requested this to better identify the type of equipment listed.  If you would like to sort the results by category, simply click on Category on the column header.

New Members and Increased Site Traffic: Since our launch the new member sign up rate has increased by 20%, our community is growing to provide you with more buyers and sellers.

As we shared our Google analytics results with you a few days ago.  We are pleased to see that our traffic has increased by approximately 10%  since our launch.

Security and Fraud: We have added more security and fraud tools to our systems to better safeguard our buyers and sellers.  As always please notify our customer service department if you see any fraudulent behavior on the marketplace.  

Features You Are Asking For….we are working to bring these to you in February and March.

Messaging System: Many of you have asked about being able to email one another, we are excited to share that we are working on an onsite messaging system that will provide you with an Audiogon Inbox to view messages. We realize the sense of community and communication member to member is very important.  On your listings, you will be able to communicate back and forth with a buyer before you accept a counter or reject an offer.

Listing Management: We are working on advancing our sort features, so you will be able to efficiently organize your listings, expired listings and being able to sort by date and search.

Improved Customer Service:  Our goal is to be responsive to you, and to offer a best in class customer service experience.  We are working on improving this process now and look forward to continuing to improve our service to meet your needs.

Please if you have any outstanding support issues, put in a ticket at, this is where we will be able to address your issues and get a response back to you.

97 thoughts on “New site features and what is to come.

  1. richard says:

    I think your new membership is up because every ad I place gets a fraudulent inquiry by a new registered member seeking my personal information.

    Your IM system is a waste of time and your money as members will simply use that to exchange emails and communicate like normal people. I think you guys need to find a way to understand your site and how it has worked in the past. People have used it as a way to connect with other audiophiles, foster friendships and learn about the hobby. This is not going to happen in the way you have described. Again…

    • John says:

      All new members are scammers who are exploiting the website. Just look at the categories. Ad counts are way down. Auction items counts are down. Why would membership be up. It’s agreed upon by just about everyone that the site has virtually been ruined. Again Audiogon has missed the mark and I will assume they are just to naive to understand how misleading what they are saying actually is.

  2. richard says:

    I have sent this to support twice and posted i everywhere I can think of but here it is again:

    Offers and counteroffers are not being recorded. This is a problem when you are trying to sell something and that is part of what is supposed to go on around here, right?

    Please correct this. With all due respect, you are charging full price for a service that rarely works. That is simply wrong.

  3. steve says:

    Who cares if you get more traffic if it’s junk traffic – people who are being driven there by marketing gimics – if those people aren’t browsing and buying. You lost a regular visitor and purchaser with the changes over the years. Your listing fee is completely unreasonable – especially considering the product you’re offering your community – and now your site isn’t even enjoyable to browse. Really don’t like the new format – and hate the ads.

  4. Neil says:

    If you keep making all the “changes” and “improvements” that you describe in you recent Update, and you respond to all the suggestions you have received from your members, GUESS WHAT??

    You will wind up with the OLD Audiogon site, JUST LIKE IT WAS BEFORE!!

    And you will just have to be happy with the revenue it was producing before. You cant police private transactions, I don’t even think it is legal. And the back-end transactions fees? No no no!! Trying to make that work is what got you in this whole mess to begin with!! If you need more money, increase the classified advertising rates. Maybe do a few (increasing) rate levels based on the asking price for the item — and LET IT GO AT THAT! Neat, clean, no muss no fuss. And if the item doesn’t sell, perhaps allow the seller to relist their original ad within 90 days for half of the cost of the original ad. One time only! That sounds fair and UNCOMPLICATED and it doesn’t force you to carry on like the Gestapo!!

  5. Jazz Around the World says:

    I have an item list for sale under both “buy it now” and “offer.” Someone did choose “buy it now,” so that ad is no longer visible. The potential buyer is taking a bit of time in paying. So while I’m waiting for the buyer my ad has no more additional exposure to other potential buyers. if the current buyer turns out negative, I’ve got to try to restart conversation with Agon to relist the ad.

    That simply does not seem to be a fair or effective way of treating your ad traffics. Can you keep the ad on until the transaction is marked “completed” ?

  6. Fraud run rampant says:

    Hi, I’ve noticed since you’ve moved to the new site that there are many fraudulent listings for B&W Nautilus 800 speakers. They all are from “Europe” and are asking less than half to sometimes a third of what they typically go for on Audiogon. This listing is obviously fraudulent:

    Part of the problem is that the listing show’s this kind of information about feedback:
    “Seller Information
    joeshmoe – See Feedback (100% positive)feedback.”

    If you click on the link to see their feedback, they have NONE. Here are some suggestions on how you can improve the security of the listings:

    1. Don’t show 100% positive feedback for sellers/users who have no actual feedback.
    2. Restrict new sellers by some or all of the follwing:
    a. Limit items they can sell to under a certain dollar amount until they have feedback of some arbitrary amount.
    b. Require sellers to post/pay for the listing fees with a valid credit card that is linked to their account and verify their account information.
    c. Restrict new sellers to only accept payments via PayPal verified accounts (or some other trusted service, it doesn’t have to be PayPal).

    Please do something about the fraud on your site.

    • Tony says:

      I second that a seller with 0 feedback does not = 100%!! Totally misleading. Users with 0 feedback need to be labeled something else. Also, what happened to displaying the user’s actual feedback score? Why did this get removed? Now I have to click on the username for that info. Seems like a pointless removal of info….In the larger picture, part of the redesign should be lessening clicks, not adding to them!

  7. Wow, you guys still don't get it do you? says:

    New Members and Increased Site Traffic: Since our launch the new member sign up rate has increased by 20%, our community is growing to provide you with more buyers and sellers.
    — The new traffic is probably eastern European’s looking to list more fraudulent listings like all the fraudulent B&W Nautilus 800 listings going on now…

    As we shared our Google analytics results with you a few days ago. We are pleased to see that our traffic has increased by approximately 10% since our launch.
    — Again, see above.

    Security and Fraud: We have added more security and fraud tools to our systems to better safeguard our buyers and sellers. As always please notify our customer service department if you see any fraudulent behavior on the marketplace.
    —- simply putting an option to contact you about Fraudulent listings isn’t really adding more security now is it?
    —- the best thing about the old Audiogon was the ease of contacting other members. It was pretty easy to tell who was a fraud and who wasn’t once you emailed them. I guess you’re going to screw that up too.

    Final thoughts — You know that Videogon is still the same old site it was…maybe everyone should just move their listings there?

    • Apparently there is no one home at Audiogon, or at least some reason that no one is listening to all of us. They really don’t get it. How many times do they have to be told that things are not working & that they need to go back to the old site. I hate not being able to get my customers email so that I can correspond with them in a more personalized fashion. Most of the new stuff is just terribly inconvenient. So sorry that they had to mess with such a good thing! Keep complaining, maybe they will eventually hear us!

  8. kurt says:

    I just cancelled my membership.
    I’ll be back the day you start actually listening to our feedback:

    The new website is horrible, we want the old one back.

    By the way, you may have traffic to the new website, but I am quite certain your revenues are as depressed as your customer base.

  9. dd says:

    I think change can be good but only if it is required. You had a great site and an good community of audio hobbyist. Now you have a very disappointed group with many leaving because Agon refuses to listen!

    BTW. the reason your traffic is up is manly due to current and past members watching this complete train wreck unfold! It is a sad form of entertainment…

    • Riverside says:

      If only you guys knew how grudgingly I am spending more time of Ebay…junkie looking for a fix and the dealer is selling Map to Stars Homes!!!???

    • Lee says:

      When morbid curiosity gets the best of me, I go to audiogon.
      I won’t list or shop anymore, but I will spend only the amount of time
      it takes to read the blog. I have posted numerous times on the blog,
      and I never see it posted. A train wreck is what it is.
      I am curious if Audiogon will be offering to refund the funds I have in my account.
      On the bright side, this has been an intervention for me.
      My wife asked me why I haven’t bought or sold anything lately.
      I responded “I have to find a new web site, my old one is gone.

    • Martin says:

      Hey, I don´t like the new site at all: Often slow, many shortcomings and lack of important features of the old site.
      The increased traffic is due at least in part to the fact that people check your site every day in the trust that the promised improvements are installed. But we are disappointed again and again.
      More promotion and less service.
      Regards from Europe.

  10. rcz says:

    Please restore the advanced search function you previously had.

    Whether it was zip codes or equipment brand search, it was far more functional and user friendly.

  11. rcz says:

    I don’t understand. Why didn’t you just post a list as to what new features users would get, and what would not be restored. Instead you are getting hundreds of negative emails.

    What is taking so long ? Hire more techs and “get er done”

  12. greg peyton says:

    Boys Boys, simmer down! This isn’t being done for the little guy. It is about bigger business and bigger numbers. Selling one or two items once in awhile…big deal. This is to be the new Wal-Mart of big audio business. Your new job is to get in, buy, get out.
    Just had to say what this appears to be, and HOPE that it doesn’t go down that way. In time, it has to get better, or we all have the same decision to make, like it or not.

  13. richard says:

    I’m now getting at least one of these fraudulent inquiries per day. This could account for your rise in new membership. I wrote a long comment about this but it has disappeared from the blog. Apparently moderators did not think it important for others to read. Copied below are examples of the inquires I am getting, I am posting so others can be aware and cautious:
    Unanswered Questions

    From ii.b1989 ( 0 100%)02/03/2012
    Good Day, I am interested in this item i need to know its present condition? how much you selling last?? shipment will be handled by me and my terms of payment will be either bank transfer or cashiers check. I will have either UPS of FEDEX pick it up as soon as you recieve your payment kindly let me know which is closer to you. I await your email with more pictures of it. Thanks

    From prettymelanie ( 0 100%)02/02/2012
    Good Morning, Thanks for your response to my mail, I hope it is in good condition like it stated because I have taken a close look at the advert and am completely satisfied, . I’ll want you to remove the advert from web and consider this item is sold to me, I’ll be paying via Certified check and the check will deliver to you in next two days .So i want to be the best offer by adding $50 to your money and i hope you will keep this item for me Your Full Name: Contact Physical Address not p.o box: City and State with Zip Code: Cell phone number: amount: I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping i will have my mover to come over as soon as you have the check,and i will get back to you once my secretary made the payment out to you.(Pls send your reply to ( Thanks


  14. Your new site doesn’t work. It cost me a sale and wasted many peoples valuable time. Why don’t you go back to the old site, it worked great, I had no issues with old site. I bought and sold dozens of items without a single issue. The new site is crap, you are in way over your heads and I am not the only one pissed off about it. Bring back the old site and quit wasting out time.

  15. stanley wallen says:

    I don’t read the ads anymore; it is too hard on the eyes. I use to spend several hours a week checking them. Still can’t edit my virtual system. I really don’t know what was wrong with the old site; I was selling and buying like mad before the change; don’t forsee doing either anytime soon.

    • I certainly agree with stanly wallen about the difficulty reading the listings — bright white and pale blue do not work well for easy reading especially when the type face is small, light and sans serif. This is basic to anyone who knows the first thing about composing print ads. There is no excuse for it.

  16. greg says:

    Any news at all on restoring that feature where you could search zip codes? No i dont mean a full 5 digits.. i mean 2 digits so i can actually see whats around me. You know… the way the site used to be??? Sellers with local pick up only must hate trying to compete with the completely nonsensical “best matches” search that seems to have no rhyme or reason.

  17. R174 says:

    Still cant seem to search for part of a zip code. You have to put in the entire zip code in order to search. Is there any way to make it work like it used to?

  18. frank says:

    Agree with all of you , they promised something great repeatedly before the new year and delivered nothing but a lousy, unworkable mess, with replies to concerns filled with excuses and inaction. Used to love coming on here transacting, communicating, learning but no more.

  19. alan4545 says:

    Is there a way to get my money I have in my account back. I will not be using this site until it is usable again. The communication between buyer and seller does not work well. I want to get an e-mail (Not an Audiogon mail) when some one asks me a question about an item. You put in the blog that we would get 2 extra days to our ads, That didn’t happen for me. My ads before would run for 32-36 days, the ad I had during the cut over ran for 31 days.

    I used to browse items everyday on A-gon but I have not done that since the new site has gone up, and I would guess a lot of other members have not either.

    There are other sites out there, (some donation based) and they should get more traffic because of what you have done to this site. I don’t think that the members should be paying for you to beta test your new system. You should have worked out most of the bugs before you launched it.

  20. I think the new site is coming along very well!

    Now, about the fraudulent responses to ads, yes, there seem to be quite a few.. I got one the other day which was one of those fake cashier’s check deals. Perhaps A’Gon could inform members about such common frauds so that nobody will fall for them.

  21. Nicholas Bedworth says:

    Unable to edit ad headlines once posted…

    the other day, I posted an ad, and liked the new form; it seemed to me to be easier to use.

    One minor point. in the headline of the ad, I made an error in the model number of the product being sold, and apparently it isn’t possible to edit this line after the ad went live. Thought you should know.

      • indians1 says:

        really? – so if we make a mistake when posting an ad we either have to delete the add and pay for another one or live with bad information?

      • Ben from Bogdan Audio says:

        Stop apologizing with that fake Walmart smile and finally give us back our old, beautiful and simple Audiogon which was working just well for all of us. I was selling 10-12 pairs of cables every month, now in last three weeks, I’ve sold ONE pair only. How, for God’s sake, you don’t get it. Everybody is loosing here now, sellers, buyers and Audiogon. That filling of being a part of community is lost and I feel left in a silent dark. It was my first thing in morning, before anything else, to go on Audiogon.and see what’s going on. Now I’m afraid to go there anymore knowing that I will only find disappointments and frustration.

  22. john vranic says:

    when searching for b&w speakers and then (since one has to sort it to make any sense of it) after sorting by recent date etc. it defaults to a bunch of other products instead that begin with a “B”. And yes i hate the new site as well. Its a shame that a great web site has been destroyed.

  23. frank says:

    Truly is a shame what has happened to this site, promises of new and improved on start-up have not come to pass, good functionality i.e. emailing members gone, lack of responsiveness to support questions/concerns., etc. etc. etc. Won’t do another transaction – buy or sell – while this is going on. Depressing!

      • So if nothing seems to be working properly, why do you keep charging everyone while in beta? Are you guys really listening to these comments? I am a business person & if I had this many bad comments coming my way (or negative feedback), I would have to reconsider the way I am doing business, or I would go out of business. I am really hoping you are hearing what members are saying! I can’t get a response to any of my emails from your customer service staff & I am supposed to be a “Partner” with you. I feel totally left out in the cold at this point. Just please listen to all of these comments & realize that people liked things the way they were!

  24. dan says:

    I cannot list or relist anyone else having this has been going on for a month, yet to be fixed, again, anyone else experiencin this?

  25. Don Stanciauskas says:

    I am getting lots of “application error” messages and ultra slow response times from the server.

    Please allow re-listing of the ad. Also please find a way to filter out those “new” members making fraudulent offers and BIN. It forces us to re-list and pay listing fee again!

    I don’t like the “upgrade”. Site is heading towards eBay style and is now geared towards making money for (new?) owners. It used to be a great place to connect to other audiophiles. Oh well, Audiokarma here I come…

  26. Eric Arbak says:

    I am getting application errors almost on every page I load for the last few days. Is there anyone else experiencing this? I have rebooted and reloaded the site numerous times. Thanks

  27. Chris Lehner says:

    Like some others, I will post here…because I can’t get a reply otherwise. I had an item listed (from before “the change”…I’d think twice now), and someone bought the item using “buy it now”. My invoice consisted of the price…which was already fixed, based on the listing…and the s&h. Now I didn’t want to appear to overcharge for s&h, so I didn’t factor the agreed-upon PayPal fees into that.

    The buyer told me there was no way to pay more than the invoice…nor was I ever allowed to edit the invoice. I opened a ticket…waited a few days for a reply; all the while, trying to keep things straight with the buyer. I opened a second ticket; still nothing from Audiogon! Now, they buyer has gotten cold feet, and backed out of the sale. Thanks “new” Audiogon; not only did they cost me the sale, but they are still trying to charge me for it…and aren’t answering yet a 3rd support ticket I have open about that.

    Not to mention…I am in IT, and am web-surfer extraordinaire; and I have NEVER seen a database so slow or buggy. Half the links just spin, and spin…and spin; and never go anywhere. Audiogon…for heavens sake; any first-year developer knows you drop back, and punt. Run the old site, parallel to the “new”…until you get all the bugs worked out. As it is, it’s unusable IMO.

  28. I have been a partner with Audiogon for the past seven years & I have never seen the level of incompetence that has been occuring with this whole change over to the new “improved” site. I have had customers reporting to me that they have bid on my auctions to no avail…their bids were not able to be placed. I have had others who have thought that they won my auction, but say that they have received nothing from Audiogon. I have not received any notification from Audiogon regarding my ending auctions, with winning bidder info or ending price or anything. I was charged for my monthly service fee, but can not get a decent response to my many emails asking what is going on. I have received two emails back that were so vague, they may as well not have been sent. I can’t seem to correspond with anyone who wants to correspond with me through the Audiogon system & have no easy way to get the members email so that I can actually conduct business. When I have finally been able to communicate with someone privately, all I hear is how they have lost faith in the Audiogon system & that they are concerned about doing business via the site. Then, this morning, I got a SPAM type email inquiry regarding one of my auctions….I was told that having to correspond through Audiogon with other members was for security reasons….really? But yet I get spammed this morning…how is that safer?

    So, my question is…how is this improved? I just can’t quite fathom how they think things are better, yet we all keep complaining. I would have never even thought about posting anything negative on here a few weeks ago, but, since I can’t get any kind of response from the “new & improved customer service”, I don’t know what else to do to get someone’s attention. As a paying partner, all I ask for is someone to contact me regarding my concerns. In the last month, that hasn’t happened.

    We all need to keep letting them know of our concerns & frustrations. Audiogon was such a wonderful place for audiophiles to meet, now I am seriously concerned about their future. It is a very sad thing. Please keep contacting them with your frustrations….hopefully they will hear us at some point in time!

    • Sandi at Audio Metallurgy,

      I feel exactly the same way as you. Why couldn’t they just add a few features to the old site. Maybe spruce up the design. Add the “lightbox” feature to images in an advertisement (that ain’t that hard folks!).

      I’ve tried really hard to like the new design – it’s a fresh look but at the end of the day if usability is poor, what good does a handsome looking POS do for users?

      Here’s to hoping the staff can get this together and working again. I’m extremely disappointed it’s taken so long.

  29. Jim says:

    Well, I think this is it…I have tried and tried to engage this site…no go…I give up…you took a perfectly good, workable sight and destroyed it…”why fix what ain’t broke”

  30. Chris Lehner says:

    Oh…and for heaven-sake; can someone please tell me how to keep the “only secured content is displayed” box from coming up on EVERY, SINGLE Audiogon page now…with IE9?

  31. Tao says:

    Definitely one of the worst system/web interface upgrade I’ve experienced… I agree with dd that the old site were perfectly useful, very user friendly and had no running issue at all. How about just flip the freakin’ switch and go back to the old site where everything was just fine?
    I wonder if Netflix/Qwikster reminds the Agon management anything?

  32. avspecialties says:

    To the members that have reponded the the ad for the Anthem MCA 50, I have not been able to respond to you because I can not log in. I have sent (2) emails to audiogon support and have had no response. As audiogon keeps asking, please be patient… I know if you all could log in to ask questions and buy my item, I should be able to log in as well. Right?

  33. Dainius says:

    You have terrible site now. I believe the guy who’s behind this is already fired. You claim you have increased traffic, but only I can see is one day “members’ who agree to buy something, then you decline other propositions, but after two days you can’t find this buyer on member list. Communication is more than terrible.
    People are paying you money for adds. Do you understand? Normally, companies who are testing Beta versions pay customers for testing such crap, but not asking to pay for it. My advice: go to bank and apply for loan.

  34. indians1 says:

    I have several items i want to sell but with all of the negative feedback perhaps someone can explain why I should trust the site. There is nothing that makes me think I should. thank you

  35. John says:

    Do not like the new website at all. Very difficult to find things and not an improvement at all. Just looking for a “receiver” was a chore.

  36. michael kingdom says:

    I would like to say that I really like the new site, even though most of the features and charm have been removed. I like how challenging it has become to use. I also like the mysterious layout! Also, it is great how spread out the info is all over the page. I get tired of seeing all my words close together. Thank you!

  37. Application error after Application error. Very poor form. This is not Beta it is pre alpha. I am a software tester if you want to hire me to fix some of this up.

  38. jefferson Kolle says:

    Well, I’ve given Agon the benefit of the doubt for about one month, and there seems to be no benefit. I’ve worked on a couple of sites lots bigger than Agon in my profession, and we launched (from scratch) one HUGE site in 3 months, and it was a success and continues to be. I don’t understand why there is such a problem with Agon, other than the fact that whoever owns it obviously refuses to throw money at it to make IT WORK. That’s really all it takes: get web designers who know what they are doing, pay them what they need to make, and they give you a site the does exactly what you need it to do and exactly what your users need it to do. Agon is going on the cheap. They want to save money and the users (the payers, the customers) suffer. The NEW agon is a cheesy site with no balls. All it takes is paying people a decent wage/salary who know what the F they are doing. Agon is not a complicated site. Take a look at the National Geographic site (video heavy) or ePay,. or finehomebuilding DOT com. Seems as though whomever owns Agon wants to pay about $10K to revamp a site that’ll make them $2.5 miilion/year. (This ain’t no facebook, obviously. ) Do a little arithmetic on the number of listings. Here’s my final admonition, Agon: Someone is going to steal your shit unless you get your stuff together. Signed, KOLLEDOG

  39. Valentinofv says:

    Ok guys, thank’s for the effort on the new site, but it is a complete disaster. For Pete’s sake, put this site down asap and bring us the old one !

  40. We have been active on Audiogon for years but if this new site is here to stay, I’m not sure how much longer we will be around. We like others businesses are not getting a response to our inquiries and from what I can tell, nobody at Audiogon seems to care and those that do take the time to respond don’t seem to have a clue what is going on.

    This site is clearly hated by most and simply doesn’t work and the worst thing of all (to me) is that current members are the beta testers for the new site. Brutal to say the least and that right there should be a wake up call for what the folks at Audiogon really think about the members who pay the bills.

    Enough already. Shut the new site down and bring the old one back. Once you have a new site that is done and has been tested and works 100%, run with it but until then enough already!

  41. richard says:

    The forum is being policed in such a way that it makes it impossible to communicate. Participation is down so much that I no longer post. I used to be a daily participant in discussion there and really enjoyed the process. I’d like to think I also added a little something with my comments/thoughts but consider those run off for now. Sorry guys, I can’t deal with that shit. It’s been fun and I miss you folks already……Richard_stacy

    Site Security: I have repeatedly tried to alert members of the rampant fraud occurring on Audiogon. Every forum post or topic I attempt is removed by moderators. As a result, I was contacted by a friend and fellow member yesterday who was very close to losing over $6000 to the party robbing/stealing on Audiogon. Thankfully and by chance, he caught the process just in time. He also tried to post his experience in the forum but it was blocked. Why? I have asked repeatedly that Audiogon alert members of the need for increased safety measures but they are instead attempting to hide the matter. I find this extremely alarming and quite sad for my Agon brothers and sisters.

    I ask you all…..please make every effort to pass the word on this severe security problem so innocent audiophile’s out there do not get scammed.

    Audigon: Once again, would you please take responsibility for the problems you have created that put your members at risk. At the very least make an effort to alert the community that the problem exists. By covering it up you are simply allowing theft to occur on your site as well as further ruining your already battered reputation.

  42. Mark says:

    Look, you have a disaster on your hands. Do you need any more evidence?

    Suck it up, apologize and restore the old site. You’ll probably get most of your customer base back because of the substantial good faith over the years.

  43. Bob says:

    Site is cumbersome to say the least. Had a buyer for my item and immediately the ad disappeared as “sold”. In addition I could not see the buyer’s feedback. Very awkward to navigate thru completion of the deal. As many are saying the previous Audiogon was, for the most part, a joy to use. You presumably have a significant investment from your purchase of Audiogon. I think you should consider going back to what was good in the first place. To be fair, the one thing that has improved is the quality of the pictures. All else is not what users want or what will best serve the interests of your investment

  44. Ben says:

    Today, I can’t even post because the payment system is not working.
    Why we have to go throught all this things and still paying you for it.
    We want the old site back. Just click the BUTTON and ROLL BACK.

  45. 2 months in beta? In production? No testing? No quality control? This is so 1992. I am also watching this 2 month long upgrade in total fascination. (I have lost faith in the site.)

  46. indians1 says:

    Malware attacks originating from the Audiogon site are becoming common. Also, there are a large amount of domestic and foreign sellers with no rating. Whats going on here. What kind of exposure is Audiogon soliciting in Europe and the UK? The site seems to be polluted. There is an old saying in the Audio biz: Garbage in, Garbage out.

  47. CD says:

    Guys…I couldn’t agree more with almost ALL of the comments above. There’s no question; the re-launch is an unmitigated disaster! But here’s what’s actually MOST concerning to me; they won’t flinch!

    I don’t mean flinch, as in just putting the “old” site back up. I think it’s obvious, they have NO intention of doing that. But for heavens-sake man…at least COMMENT to the masses, who are telling you your site stinks and they are leaving!

    By remaining silent, and essentially sticking your head in the sand, you tell people… not just that you don’t know what you’re doing (which CAN be forgiven); but that you don’t CARE (which CANNOT).

    I think they’re counting on the fact that they are/were top-dog, and that the “Audiogon” brand and loyalty will carry them through. It did…to a certain extent; but you’ve had a month (or better), and again…your actions tell us the old Audiogon that we knew and loved is DEAD! So why should we stay loyal? If anyone…and I mean anyone…gets something anywhere near comparable going, and gets some traction in regard to traffic; you guys are a good as done. Better get it together before that happens.

    • I don’t think you could have said it any better, CD. We are trying to hang in there, but it is obvious that a lot of folks are giving up on the site. It is a sad thing, as it was so great before all of this! Let’s hope that they will start to listen to what we are all saying!

  48. CD says:

    Keeps on getting better! Unlike probably most of you…I have actually just completed my first purchase, under the new site. Ready to leave feedback; what could be easier, right?

    So…the feedback feature is no longer attached to your invoice; you have to go in through the Main page. You have to re-enter your user and password…even though I was already signed-in; then I have to pick the item I want to leave feedback for. It lists, like every item I’ve sent or received an email on…in like the last 2 months…EXCEPT…wait for it; the actual item I bought!! LOL

    Honestly; a Middle School, on a “computer project” assignment could do better. First mad, then sad…now it’s comical; are these the stages of grief?

  49. LeoR says:

    This is an incredibly sad event. I feel like I have lost a close friend. This was a site I used to look forward to on a daily basis. I have purchased some great items over the years and sold quite a few. I would not even consider selling or buying from this site. It is an absolute disaster and unfortunately, I do not see Audiogon doing anything to retain it’s customer base. All we ask is that you go back to the old web site until you have worked out the kinks. At this point, I fear Audiogon is not salvageable in it’s current state. there apparently is no respect for all the faithful fans of the old site and It appears they do not care what we think. So be it. LeoR

  50. I expect the site is now owned by someone who is non English speaking that is why we here nothing. I also expect it is being coded in some sweatshop by someone with a copy of “The Internet for Dummies” in front of them.

  51. Gill says:

    Although it functioned reasonably well, the old site was no great shakes, so the nostalgia is baffling. I was very hopeful that we’d see modern web site that would be a pleasure to use. At first glance it looked good and I didn’t make too much of the missing functionality, assuming it would come along soon, but two months later the new site remains a shambolic morass, and my recent transaction with a buyer was so riddled with bugs and application errors that I sadly will never use this site again to buy or list.

  52. Ben from Bogdan Audio says:

    Stop apologizing with that fake Walmart smile and finally give us back our old, beautiful and simple Audiogon which was working just well for all of us. I was selling 10-12 pairs of cables every month, now in last three weeks, I’ve sold ONE pair only. How, for God’s sake, you don’t get it. Everybody is loosing here now, sellers, buyers and Audiogon. That filling of being a part of community is lost and I feel left in a silent dark. It was my first thing in morning, before anything else, to go on Audiogon.and see what’s going on. Now I’m afraid to go there anymore knowing that I will only find disappointments and frustration.

    • Ben, I couldn’t agree more. This has been a total disaster for everyone involved. For all of us little businesses who are trying to hang on, this has been disastrous. Apparently the spirit of Audiogon is indeed gone. My wish is that someone who knows what they are doing will come up with a site that is like the old Audiogon site….simple, but useable, where profit isn’t the only thing on the mind of those running it. Online gurus of the world, this is your chance! I would have thought that Audiogon would have gotten it by now, but apparently they have not. Hope we can all hang in there until we figure out which new venue to use!

  53. avspecialties says:

    Guys – I’ve had many of the same issues as you all had when using my PC with Windows XP. My laptop with Windows 7 seems to work all the time and I have almost completed 2 sales (just waiting on buyers to receive items) using the new site.

    Does anyone have any ideas why the site is not working with my PC?

  54. Riverside says:

    There has been so many posts that all say the same thing, but the site remains a stonewall. Is this blog gradually turning into a well-documented tombstone?

  55. tim kmetz says:

    I have been here 12 years, done over 600 transactions, positive feedback rating of over 1600. All I can say: what a trainwreck. It is such a chore to do anything here now. I have a few items to sell, when they are gone, I will never sell here again.

  56. greg peyton says:

    I am FINALLY able to log in again. As a very cautious experiment, I am posting an ad for a tuner. It isn’t a worth a whole lot to me, and I am asking almost nothing for it. I will see how it goes this time. It is going to take A LOT of good experiences here to regain trust and confidence again.

    As a final note, when I view my item for sale, I cannot see how many views that it has had. It should be visible in ‘My Page’

  57. Okay, we understand that it takes time to work this all out, but why did you not run some sort of a beta besides the old site until all the bugs were worked out…then launch the new site. I’m not an IT person, but I have seen comments on here by many who are & they all think this is as ridiculous as we do. It has completely undermined the trust that people had for Audiogon. We are all frustrated & as seen on here, many are tired of waiting. We are trying to hang in there, but I really don’t understand why it took you guys so long to actually comment on some of these posts. Hire more people to help you through this transition! Customer service is non-existent. I have had so many issues, I can’t even give you a list here on the blog. But, I have detailed them to you in emails that were either completely ignored or were responded to in such a vague manner, that I might as well not have received them. PLEASE, for crying out loud, hire some people to deal with our customer service issues! I mean really, when I have people winning auctions, who didn’t even bid on them & others trying to bid, but not having their bids go through, there is a serious problem somewhere! You guys have to acknowledge these things with us! We expect to know that you are dealing with these issues with each case personally, besides putting a few posts on here. The only reason I am making these posts, is because I feel like they might, just maybe get heard on here, since you won’t respond to my emails regarding my issues.

    I do hope, wholeheartedly, that you guys can pull it together very soon & regain the trust & confidence that your membership had with Audiogon. To do that, you are going to have to communicate with us. Otherwise, it seems that you just don’t care! Please keep up with some posts keeping us all in the loop. That’s why we are on here….we want to know that you are listening & are taking our comments to heart. If I treated my customers the way you guys have been handling things the past month plus, I wouldn’t have survived in the business world. Just please step it up & make communicating with us as important as what you are trying to do to the site. Open your minds to hear what the members are saying, that’s all we ask!

    Thank you!

  58. An update for this evening…I listed two auctions to see how things would go with all of the problems we have been having with the site. I set a low reserve on one of the auctions & all notifications were received as they should be. On another, I used a $1, no reserve auction. My item sold & I received the appropriate notifications. So, it seems that both auctions were working properly. This is the first time they have since the new site transition began. Maybe there is hope that things are going to get better! I would like to have some sort of acknowledgement from Audiogon, along with refunds, for the previous auctions that didn’t work properly, but at least things are looking up a little! Plus I would like to get responses to my emails to customer service….hope that’s not too much to ask for!

    Please let us know on this blog if you have things that are actually working properly…maybe it will help lift everyone’s spirits a bit. I am holding out hope that things will get better with the site.

    • Sandi, glad to hear that a few worked for you. I’m still not willing to chance it however for the reasons I previously pointed and I’m also not willing at this time to wash the slate clean and forget everything that has gone on to date.

      Any IT guys that are on here should take a real good look at this new site from a security standpoint and let me know if you feel comfortable doing business with it. When it comes to this site and security, think Swiss cheese.

      It would seem however that a fair number of people are which is surprising. I just looked up new listings and new auctions and it would seem a lot of people are huffing and puffing but still giving Audiogon their money.

      • I have listed one more auction as a test to see what happens. I probably shouldn’t be doing so. The ones last night worked okay, but the previous ones did not. I agree that the fraud is rampant & I do worry about that & wonder why they are not addressing it & are not telling us how they plan to fix it. I do have many trepidations about the whole situation. I just can’t understand why they won’t hear the things we are saying. Like being able to communicate with one another through our own emails, instead of through a messaging system via the site. I don’t want to see that at all! I also don’t understand why they won’t listen to everyone saying they want the old site back. I still have received no responses to any of my emails to customer service….there is just no excuse for that. I was in hopes that there would be some light at the end of the tunnel, but I think I got so excited that the auctions worked last night that I let that overshadow all of the other issues!

        Please keep us posted on any successes or failures you may have with the site. I don’t think they have any idea how much this is affecting the dealers that relied on their platform to conduct business. I just hope they can recover the trust & loyalty that they are losing on a daily basis.

  59. Please work out some of the basic problems first. This is the third time that I’ve mentioned this and I’ve also seen one other comment on the subject, Nevertheless—with so few talking about it—it remains a critical update that’s very simple for any programmer to implement.

    Start with the basic display of searches. As it stands, most of your search listings are not presented with any sort-order that humans intuitively understand—none. Exceptions would be Time Left listings (although we can’t see the timestamp, I’ll go out on a limb and assume you are using this unseen database field after first sorting on the date field), and a Price sort. These only work because there is basically one field to sort on.

    However, other searches need to sort multiple fields. For example, I suspect most would agree that a re-sort based on the CATEGORY field (when viewing multiple-category listings) would sort, in order: CATEGORY/DATESTAMP/TIMESTAMP. The results would be that the Category column would be sorted alphabetically. Then within each Category the items would be presented newest-listings to oldest-listings.

    Furthermore, If I am just searching for, say, turntables (by clicking the left-hand Category column), then your search should be the same: CATEGORY/DATESTAMP/TIMESTAMP. As it stands now, a search for turntable does find all turntables but presents them without rhyme or reason.

    NOTE: I realize that DATE and TIME are not the actual fields being sorted on but are part of a mathematical equation pitting those fields against some “30” -day classified period. I’m just trying to keep the illustrations simple.

    There would obviously be more complex searches when fields like MANUFACTURER, VOLTAGE, STATE, ZIP, etc., enter the equation, but a general understanding of multiple-field sorting is in order.

    Thanks for not only hearing, but truly listening as well.

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