Site Updates for the week of August 13th

Hello Audiophiles!  We’d like to give you a quick update on some of the site changes and improvements we’ve implemented recently – some you may have noticed already!

1. The Classics category has been transitioned into the new Vintage Equipment category.  You will see this note when entering a listing:

2. You have the ability to re-order your uploaded photos on a listing with drag and drop functionality.  When you upload your photos, you will see this message:

Then from your MyPage, choose the option to Edit your listing and scroll to the Photos section.  Here, you can move the photos by selecting one with your mouse and dragging it over to its new spot.   This message will now be displayed:

3. Sellers can now see their counter-offers!  Simply enter your listing from your MyPage and click on “Show Counteroffers”

And it will look like this:

4.  The sorting functionality has been improved for the Buying/Bought tabs on your MyPage.

As always, we welcome comments and suggestions!  If you need assistance with anything, please contact a member of our dedicated Support Team here.

The Hub by Audiogon is launching in a few weeks!  Share your biography, Cool Pics, equipment or music reviews, event announcements and more via these links below:


  1. I don’t remember my user name or my pass word. I’m unable to get in and bid on items.
    Can you help?

  2. Audiogon- When is the ability to contact members via email going to happen ? I am in the market for cables / amp and would like to email members asking for their opinion and cant do it. I know that there has been talk about this happening…..but when ?


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