Featured Audio Phio – Member Fdottore

Our current Featured Audiophio is that of Member fdottore. A mechanical engineer by day, one would think he’s all about the technical aspect of great sound, but that’s not always the case…

Audiogon Username: fdottore
audiogon: What was the first item you bought that signaled you’d crossed the line into being an audiophile?
fdottore: Aerial 10t
AUDIOGON: Do you consider yourself to be more appreciative of high-end technology or the music itself?
FDOTTORE: I can certainly get caught up in the technology, but, when I’m in the zone listening I’m in heaven.
AUDIOGON: In your opinion, what is the difference between a casual music lover and a true audiophile?
FDOTTORE: An audiophile sits down to listen critically.
AUDIOGON: What advice can you give those who are new to high end sound?
FDOTTORE: Spend more time researching music than audio gear. It can be hard to find music we like that’s recorded properly. And buying music that we later find we don’t like (which happens to all of us) can be disheartening.
AUDIOGON: Do you like to tinker with your “toys” or would you rather plug and play?
FDOTTORE: I prefer plug-n-play, but only after having some gear that required an enormous amount of tinkering to get to work.
What are your favorite recordings and/or favorite live music experiences? 
Truthfully, and I know this goes against much of what many audiophiles believe the high-end is about, I would rather listen to my rig than go to a live performance. I hear and read all the time that the goal is to sound like live music. That’s not my goal. My goal is to have my rig sound better than live music. I want it to immerse me in the music. Something that never happens to me with large venue live music (not orchestral, opera, rock-n-roll, etc.). Small venue, on the other hand, can be phenomenal. The best small venue music I’ve found are the weekend bluegrass jams. Sleep until noon, forget the stage shows, the real music starts around dozens of campfires after 8. Roam from one to the next, they all accept visitors to stand around and listen, and if you play, you can often times join right in. There’s absolutely nothing like standing next to a fiddle player belting out the Orange Blossom Special, or a couple of dueling banjos. These folks aren’t playing for anybody but themselves. The creativity, enthusiasm, humor, camaraderie and absolute love of music is absolutely intoxicating. But be prepared, your body will take over and start moving to its own delight, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.FAVORITE RECORDINGS:1.) Mighty Sam MaClain – Give It Up to Love (Fantastic R&B)

2.) Etta James – Life, Love and the Blues (This woman’s vocal chords were connected directly to her heart. I challenge you to find a better rendition of ‘The Love You Save May Be Your Own’, Diane Krall simply pales in comparison).

3.) Count Basie and Duke Ellington – First Time (This is an absolute must have. Period.)

4.) Hound Dog Taylor – Genuine House Rockin Music (Electric blues, just get it)

If you could have any other job than your own, what would it be?

I would like to mix live performances (only because I’ve heard so many where the mixing was god-awful-bad). I would like to learn recording using 2 mic’s.

Which artists have you or would you like to meet (living or dead)? 

Not sure I’d like to meet any of them. I love their music, but, I prefer to meet insightful people, and, in general, I’ve found that a musicians insight is limited to his/her music.

If money and time were of no consequence, what would your dream audiophile evening be?

Listening to someone else’s big rig where they let me sit in the sweet spot and give me a 4 hour tour of their music collection, introducing me to as many new genres as possible.

Thank you fdottore!  If you’d like to enter your own Audiophio on The Hub and enter to win an account credit, click here!

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