Why List Music on Audiogon?

At Audiogon, we believe in growing the community. Whether that’s developing new community features like The Hub, freshening up the marketplace, or keeping our fees as low as possible, we want to keep enjoying this hobby together.  We often get caught up in our gear and forget to talk about the music – and you can’t talk about the music without having new music to discuss!

Perhaps you’ve transferred the bulk of your tunes to a music server, or are tired of your wife pointing to those sagging shelves of records while raising her eyebrow in your direction. But what do you do with the stuff you don’t want?  How do you make room for new music?

List it on Audiogon!

Entering a music or media listing is fast and easy on Audiogon. Some other sites might charge you as much as $5 to enter a new listing and up to $400 in fees per month if you’re a frequent lister PLUS limit the number of listings you can enter each month – not Audiogon!

Take advantage of Audiogon’s low fees today! Once your item sells, there will a 2% transaction fee assessed on the final sale price ($1 minimum/$100 maximum) so for most music sales, that’s only $1 per transaction!

Do you remember when you were young and you’d save up all your money for a new album?  You’d run down to the record store on new release day, trying to act “cool” when inside you were screaming with joy.  With more care than you’d show anything else in the world, you’d carefully place your new record on the platform and gingerly remove the liner notes, ready to listen until each note, each beat, each moment of silence was ingrained in your memory.

As an audio enthusiast, we’re betting there’s still a little bit of that pluck in you now for all kinds of music – new, used, jazz, funk, classic rock, blues, etc.  You just gotta have it, right?  It’s time to share the joy again.

Take advantage of no up-front listing fees – get started today!


    1. Hi Robert – that’s great to hear! Music listings are free! Our Support team will be contacting you shortly to help out with any questions you might have.

  1. I have not sold anything on Audiogon for some time because of illness. I am ready to list my vintage lps both classical and jazz. I am not a business but I have a very large collection of lp.

    1. We’re sorry to hear about your illness. A member of our Support Team will be reaching out to you shortly to help with any questions you might have getting started with your free listings.

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