Taking Good Pictures to Improve Your Sale Rate

One of the keys to being a successful Audiogon seller is taking good pictures of the object so potential buyers can get a true feel for what they are getting.  Great pictures can be the difference between selling the item and not getting any offers at all.  It could also be the difference between getting one or two bids on your item and having an all-out war between bidders!  Here’s a few tips on how to take better pictures for your listings.


Use natural light if possible.  Position your item near a window or even set up a table in your backyard.  Using natural light ensures the equipment is more visible, and you won’t need to use the flash.

However, be careful of any reflective surfaces like mirrors that could show yourself in the shot or windows that could cause a glare.

Glare from a Skylight
Reflection of Photographer in Object


Try shooting with a simple, solid background.  Lighter colored backgrounds will work best.  Put the item up against a plain white wall or lay a white tablecloth underneath and behind the item.  This will bring the focus to the item, not your home decor.

Busy Background
Simple Background


When in doubt, use a tripod or stable your hand against a table or chair to make sure the picture turns out clear instead of blurry.  Take pictures in high resolution if possible.


It may also be a good idea to crop your photos down to the size of the object to eliminate extra space or distractions.  Additionally, if your lighting wasn’t up to par, you can adjust the settings to brighten your pics up using a photo editor program.  You can also straighten out pictures taken at a crooked angle.

Types of Shots:

Take a picture from every angle and from several different distances.  Always take more pictures than you think is necessary so you have a lot to work with once they are uploaded to your computer.

With a little extra photography know-how, you can improve your sale rate in no time!  A few simple steps and a little extra thought can make a big difference.  Keep checking The Hub for more user tips that will help you become a more successful seller.

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