Thiel Audio Introduces the CS2.7 Speakers

Thiel Audio has been quite busy this fall with the launch of the CS2.7 Loudspeakers, putting the finishing touches on the CS1.7, and just announcing last week that they had been acquired by a private firm.  Naturally, that last bit of news sent the audio forums on fire for a few days, but since longtime staffers and factory employees will remain with Thiel, we’re confident that this transition can only mean good things.  Gary Dayton, for example, disclosed that new CEO Bill Thompson has committed to shoring up the engineering and manufacturing departments, as well as developing their already-strong sales channel. In short, for Thiel Audio fans, this means robust innovation and shorter delivery times.

Now, let’s get back to that beautiful CS2.7!

cs27 front

Incorporating technology developed by Jim Thiel for the CS3.7’s, the CS2.7’s act like a well-behaved little brother.  The same star diaphragm coaxial/coincident driver is utilized, providing a high level of clarity, while the voice coil’s large size helps keep out-of-phase bending to a minimum.  Drivers powered by extremely strong neodymium magnets allow for superb control.  With a larger 8″ subwoofer, Thiel technology also aims to keep bass distortion to 1/10th of the amount found in other subwoofers in this size.  Wrapped up in substantial plywood, there aren’t any parallel surfaces in the cabinet to sully the sound’s purity with standing waves.

Illustration of the CS2.7 cabinet interior
Illustration of the CS2.7 cabinet interior

Here’s Gary Dayton giving us an overview of the CS2.7

Thiel engineers love to tinker with their products well past the “good enough” stage.  Relatively small irregularities considered “normal” in the industry are considered subpar at Thiel and they take their time ensuring that audiophiles go home with the highest quality possible.  When it came to developing the crossovers, the goal was to keep the whole unit phase correct, unlike comparative models, and they’re proud to have succeeded in that.

Audiogon had the pleasure of attending Thiel’s unveiling event at Hanson Audio Video last month and listening to the CS2.7 first hand.  In the large demo room, we noted an astounding level of clarity, no matter the source, and deep, rich bass comparable to more spendy counterparts.

Listening to the CS2.7's in Hanson AV's larger demo room
Listening to the CS2.7’s in Hanson AV’s larger demo room

The speakers really came alive when we listened in the smaller demo room – the mids opened up, the bass sounded more lush, and the highs were light yet grounded.

Here, we listened to the CS2.7's in Hanson AV's smaller demo room.
Here, we listened to the CS2.7’s in Hanson AV’s smaller demo room.

Overall, the CS2.7 speakers are a great addition to the Thiel family and we can’t wait until they put all the finishing touches on the CS1.7’s!

For more information about the CS2.7 loudspeakers, including where to buy, please visit Thiel Audio here.

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  1. Great company! Hope they can keep Jim Thiel’s spirit alive …. these “founder ideals” often get lost in the commercial shuffle. I run two pairs of 3.5’s and a pair of 2 2’s in a surround system and they make fantastic home theatre.

    I lived in Louisville when Jim first finalized the CS3 … the speaker sounded great then driven by Audio Research gear, and has continued with nary a hitch. Jim’s death was a blow, and I’ve been apprehensive ever since.

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