Join Audiogon’s C.O.O. for Live Chat Tuesday, January 22nd

Thank you to everyone who visited us at T.H.E. Show in Vegas. Many of you shared your thoughts on Audiogon. We are all continuing to work very hard to tweak and adjust the new user interface to please all of our customers. We talked to many enthusiastic Audiogon members at T.H.E. Show and gathered their suggestions on improving communications so it can take place more easily. We recognize that the member-to-member communication system is not perfect, and we are working diligently to correct that. However, the solution is not a simple one. Rest assured, we will implement a more user friendly solution for our members ASAP. Our goal for 2013 is to improve Audiogon and its functionality to support the media, manufacturers, members, dealers, and industry affiliates. We will work with the high performance audio community to help educate and provide a solid, seamless marketplace for enthusiasts. Re-vamping the site was done to improve our capabilities. We will overcome the missteps we have had along the way, and we are highly focused on continuing to improve our marketplace functionality, while serving the industry as a responsible member of the audio community. I encourage you to contact us with questions or comments pertaining to any experience good or otherwise—so we can offer our perspective.

Please feel free to address your suggestions to: [email protected]

I would also like to personally invite our members to a live chat on The Hub on Tuesday January 22nd from 5 to 7pm EST. I will be on hand to discuss Audiogon’s plans for the upcoming year and to answer any questions from our members on what’s next for Audiogon. In order to attend the live chat, you will simply follow this link, on Tuesday January 22nd from 5 to 7pm EST. You will be prompted to sign up for a DISQUS account if you want to ask a question or make a comment.


Lindsey Schulz, C.O.O. Audiogon, Inc.

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  1. So happy to see the pretty ladies at your table in Vegas. So much better than all the old fussbudgets you meet in this hobby!

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