Audiogon Wake Up Your Ears Sampler Coming April 12th!

We’ve got another update for you on our Wake Up Your Ears Sampler. Along with HD Tracks and powered by Chesky Recordings, the sampler will be available beginning April 12th!  Check out the video below for a preview.

At Audiogon, our goal is not only to provide a safe marketplace for your evolving system, it’s also to give you the tools to elevate the hobby. This Wake Up Your Ears!!! sampler contains hand-selected tracks designed to aid in training your ears to actively listen while showcasing your audio components. While listening, you may find that you need to make some system tweaks in order to fully appreciate the capabilities of your high-performance gear.


  1. Its not the technical audio quality…its the quality of the artist. When you are recording Kascade then I would be interested.

  2. Is it just great sounding music, or does it come with extended advise on what to hear and how to adjust your hifi set to get as close as possible?

  3. The technical audio ability to capture the (quality of the …) artist in an enviroment they are performing in. The fun part is how well one’s gear is able to replicate the enviroment and the performance. The sampler looks like it will be fun and a nice addition to the audio sampler lexicon. Looking forward to having my copy!

  4. Great idea but dosen’t the downloaded digital crap represent the epitome of compression and limited dynamic range? I have never heard any downloaded music that sounds good.

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