The Record Books

Graphic artist, Christophe Gowans, is asking, “What if best-selling albums had been books instead?”

Gowans has designed for the music industry and has also served as Art Director for a number of magazines including Blitz, Hybrid, Esquire, Modern Painters, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, and Stella.  His project, “The Record Books,” depicts what classic albums would look like if they were a book cover.  Each one has an accompanying description of what the book would be about and what genre it would be.  Here are a few examples from the project.


“Classic paperback. The story of two catholic sisters growing up in a swiftly changing post-war Britain. Guess what? It doesn’t end well.”


“Charismatic Harvard whizkid Hendrix’s self-help bible. A spin-off from his phenomenally successful TV reality show, ’The Experience’.”


“Gruesome schlock from the prolific Jackson. In this relentless stalkerfest, private eye Dwight Blackman takes on the ‘Shamone’ Killer for the 3rd time. Will the psycho slip through the dick’s fingers yet again?”


See more of these creative interpretations on Gowans’ blog here.

What is your favorite piece out of Gowan’s collection?  Which albums were not there that you’d like to see included?  Comment below!

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