Audiogon Audio-Files, April 2013

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Spring Cleaning with Audiogon!

It’s April, and it’s finally starting to feel a bit more like spring. What does that mean? Everyone’s doing a little cleaning and organizing. It’s the perfect time to sell those extra or used components on Audiogon! Click here to get started.

NY Audio Show 2013

We’re headed to the Big Apple next week for another exciting show! Stay tuned on The Hub for our upcoming coverage.

Wake Up Your Ears Sampler

Starting April 12th, Audiogon members will be able to purchase our exclusive Wake Up Your Ears sampler. Watch this video to find out more about what artists and tracks are featured.

Help us develop our mobile app!

Want to be the first to see what we’ve been working on? Sign up to be a beta tester here!


Hi-Fi System in the Pagani Huayra

One of the top spots people enjoying listening to their music is in their car. So it only makes sense that by now someone has thought to put a high-end audio system in, of course, a high-end car. Read more about the partnership of two Italian brands here.

Featured Member – EscritorJuan

Creating your ultimate audio system is a process. Featured Member, EscritorJuan, began his journey into high-end audio nearly 20 years ago. As a result, many components in his system hold a special value to him, even commorating special events. See what he had to say here.

“You are there,” or “They are here”

Do you strive for a “You are there” or a “They are here” illusion in your system? Does it depend on the recording more than the system? Share your thoughts here.

Listener Fatigue

Hours on end are spent blissfully in the listening chair, enveloped in sound. A common experience is listener fatigue. What causes this? Read more here.

“Free Trials” and Restocking Fees

Buying audio equipment online can be a challenge. Many don’t have a local audio store they can go to. Hence the advent of the “home trial” and “restocking fees.” What’s the right way for dealers to implement these? Comment here.


Learn More on The Hub!

New to audio or just want a refresher on the terms? We found this handy guide on how to describe different sounds. See it on The Hub here.If you haven’t used our Learning Center and Audio 101 section yet, make sure to check it out. There you can find other useful How To’s, User Tips, tutorials, an Audio Glossary, and more! Start your education here.

Audio Doc: The Voice in the Void

In this short documentary, Steve Keider set out to build an illegal radio transmitter and ended up learning a lot more about vintage audio and how it has changed over the years than he expected. Did you have one of these radio transmitter kits from Remco? Are you seeing vintage shops in your town closing? Watch here.
“Audiogon is the best. I have really enjoyed my time on the website for the last 12 years. You might say I’m addicted. :)” — Muzikat

“It was an unexpected pleasure meeting your crew. I am a life long small business booster. Each person that I visited with was extremely helpful and likeable! You can count on me to continue promoting Audiogon. It’s great fun and a place to do business with like minded music nuts like me!!” — Thegotoguy01

“I want to commend you for providing me with such excellent service. Although I have been frustrated by the company’s growing pains since the site relaunch, you have restored my faith that the future will be good. I truly appreciate the quick responses and honest answers. Thanks once again for everything.” — Px25

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