Big Names in Music Fight Hunger with Global Citizen Ticket Drive

According to Rolling Stone and The Grunge Report, dozens of stars are going to donate two tickets to each one of their shows for the next three years.  Fans will be able to earn points to be entered in a ticket lottery for these donated tickets by doing things to fight world hunger, like raising money or sharing videos on the topic on Facebook.

To participate, music fans and activists alike can register at today, where they can earn points for each action they take.

The artists involved include Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Kanye West, Heart, Rihanna, No Doubt, Foo Fighters, and My Morning Jacket though the idea came from Pearl Jam’s manager, Kelly Curtis in collaboration with Hugh Evans, chief executive of the Global Poverty Project.

“Pearl Jam is very grateful to be part of such an innovative and generous group of artists and music business leaders participating in this project. We are particularly thankful to our manager Kelly Curtis for spearheading this thoughtful strategy. It reflects the DNA of our band and business, and expands it to respond to some of the greatest inequities and challenges facing humanity,” said Stone Gossard, of Pearl Jam.

For more information about which artists are currently on tour, the bands, participating festivals, and the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative, visit

What other charitable things have your favorite bands done?  Will you participate in this Ticket Drive?  Comment below!

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