Audiogon Bytes, May 2013

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Reinvigorating Records

Get Amarra Vinyl on Audiogon now for $50 off and get a FREE copy of Amarra Hifi with your purchase! Record your albums directly into your Mac with no loss of quality. Then remove any clicks, crackles, or pops with Sonic Studio’s legendary restoration technology. Read more about this software here.

Exciting Show Giveaways!

Audiogon will be at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, May 31st through June 2nd in the Atrium Lobby, and we have some exciting giveaways for you! Not going to the show? No worries! You can still enter for a chance to win cool prizes from Amarra and HD Tracks online! To read more details, click here.

Hotrodguy: Producer to the Stars

Audiogon member, Hotrodguy, has been working in the entertainment industry for years, able to meet many celebrities and rack up some pretty cool equipment in the process. Take a look at his listening room and hear about some of the cool things he’s gotten to do in his career on The Hub here.

Clarity from Magnetic Conduction

We spoke with Rick Schulz of High Fidelity Cables, who explained to us the unique technology of magnetic conduction. Once you experience the clarity and lack of distortion magnetic conduction brings to your audio system, there is no going back to older cable technologies. Click here to read more.

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