Advanced Selling Guide

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Listing Content

Listing Title

The title is what will drive users to click on your listing, and is created from supplying the brand and model of your item, but you are able to add distinguishing, relevant information at the end. Keep any additions succinct, and refrain from cramming it with extraneous information that belongs in your description.

Relevant Details To Include In Listing Title

  • Free Shipping
  • Item Condition
    • Demo Unit
    • Factory Re-Certified
  • One-Owner
  • Limited Edition
  • Colorway/Wood Finish
  • Tweaks/Upgrades

We advertise listings on Google Shopping and titles are the main thing Google uses to judge relevancy for user searches. You do yourself a disservice if your listing title looks something like “BRAND NEW MCINTOSH AMP WOW WHAT A STEAL.”

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A construct of “[Brand] [Model] [Details]” will give you the best search visibility.


To avoid misunderstandings and issues, we developed the Audiogon Grading Scale (AGS), a standardized 1-10 grading system for used audio equipment. Doing this ensures buyers and sellers are on the same page as to what condition the item is actually in.

We suggest being conservative with your grading, as erring on the side of caution will be a better strategy.

For a more in-depth explanation of each tier, read about The Audiogon Grading Scale.

Category and Subcategory

Categories and Subcategories organize your product into the appropriate site section, which makes it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Try to be as accurate as possible, though we understand sometimes an item really could exist in two places.

If that’s the case, do a site search for your model to see where others have placed it.


Shoppers want to know all about your item. Make it easy for them to get excited.

Brand Information

Include background information on the company, especially if it’s not a mainstream brand. You can usually just copy details from the company’s web site. Anything is better than nothing.

Item Information

Our users adore details so don’t sell your equipment short by not listing all of its features and benefits—no matter how minute or obscure. Brag about the efficiency and frequency response. Go long on the size and construction of the drivers. The wiring was upgraded with 6N Acrotec oxygen free copper wire from Japan using WBT Silver Solder? Now we’re talking, baby!

Other details to include: the year manufactured, information about owner history, any tweaks or upgrades made, unique characteristics of the item, any visible defects. Mention if the item comes in pairs, includes any accessories, or will require any accessories.

Shipping Considerations

This is also the place to specify any specific shipping restrictions. If you don’t have the original boxes, how will you pack it up? Will your item require crates?

Be very specific about how you will pack and ship your item, costs of shipping and insurance, as well as who is paying for what.

You want to instill confidence to the buyer that the item will arrive safely, and that they know all costs associated with the purchase of your item before committing.

Additional Shipping Support Docs

Other Information

We understand that buyers may want to contact you to discuss the item, especially on high-dollar items. We restrict contact information from being included in basic listings. However, we do allow contact information to be included in premium listings. If you anticipate needing to discuss the item, complex shipping considerations, etc. with potential buyers, elect for a premium listing.

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