Advanced Selling Guide

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Pricing and Offers

You can have the most perfectly framed and lighted images and the most detailed listing, but ultimately your item still needs to be priced correctly to sell.

Asking Price

Sometimes emotional attachment can inflate an asking price a smidgen. Be realistic. The best way to do this is to look up your item in our Audio Bluebook. Bluebook houses the retail price, private party value and trade-in values to establish our own Agon Average™, which uses Audiogon’s proprietary market data to determine a recommended real market value.

Your asking price will determine what your listing insertion fee will be.

What you set your asking price at will also vary depending on if you are posting a classified or an auction, as there are different strategies for both. Audiogon user consensus for auctions is to set your starting price at 50-55% of list price, and increase or decrease that percentage depending on brand and product demand.


If you happen to have more than one item, we will automatically re-list the item until the quantity decreases to 0. Additional insertion fees will be incurred.


For classifieds, we allow users to send offers. We enable offers by default. You can uncheck that box if you do not want to field offers.Used Audio Pricing - Audiogon

However, for many of our users, offers are often how they sell their products.

As this is a marketplace, you, as a seller, want the most money possible, and a buyer wants to pay the least amount of money possible. While some users will present their strongest offer first, others will not. So, be prepared to counter-offer.

Try to reply—courteously—to every offer, even if their offer is so ludicrously offensive that you want to ghost their IP address to find where they live and berate them in front of their family. Simply engaging with a user can result in a beneficial outcome.

Though we can’t endorse it. One tactic users implement when receiving low-ball offers on an item is to reduce the asking price (thereby making it more attractive to buyers). Anyone who actually wants the item immediately gets more serious because they don’t want to lose out, and will send in a more enticing offer. Obviously, use your judgment when wheelin’ and dealin’.

Conversely, we allow you to automatically reject all low-ball offers in your account settings on the Policies tab if you so choose.

Lowball Offers - Audiogon

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