Site Update: Improved Search & Layout

We are excited to release one of our largest site updates today. At the beginning of the year, we began brainstorming and compiling feedback from users to make a concerted effort to improve the site’s usability and user experience. Our latest update features several overt and subtle changes to make browsing the site and finding products easier.


Listings have been text-based since we launched the site in 1998 (View That Version Here). To improve the browsing experience across devices, we have updated the site so that all listings have thumbnails.
New Layout

These changes do not affect the New Today/Yesterday page.


Users still have a choice between the new Grid View and the Classic List View. Simply choose your view using the Layout Button locate next to the Sort By options on any Browse of Search Page.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.13.47 AM.png

Improved Search

With thousands of daily active listings and variances in product stylizations by sellers, it was sometimes difficult to find a specific product.

Search has been improved for better matching for model variants (MK.II/MK2, MC-275/MC275, etc), plurals, and misspellings. And, instead of returning all results for listings that somewhat match, results pages are now divided into Top Results and Similar Results. Both of these sections are still beholden to your Sort By preferences and filters. As you scroll down in results, there will now be a floating header that retains your search phrase.

Search Results Page.png

In addition to making it easier to find listings, site search now integrates a suggestion drop-down to help navigate to our new Product Pages and Brand Pages.

Product Pages

Clicking on an entry in the drop-down will take you to its respective product page, which consolidates all listings.

Wilson Audio Suggestion Drop-Down.png

Our database changes earlier this year now make it possible to Follow A Product, which will alert you in-app and through e-mail when a new listing of that item appears on the site. You’ll never miss that grail component you want again. These pages will be expanded as we complete our Bluebook overhaul.

Product Pages.png

Brand Pages

We previously introduced brand pages, but with this update they have been completely redesigned. Much like Product Pages, Brand Pages will be expanded as we compete our Bluebook improvements—eventually featuring top products and category shopping.



Listing Upgrades

With our shift to thumbnails, the listing add-ons get a slight tweak with our new Thumb Carousel replacing the obsolete standard Thumbnail upgrade. This option not only gives your listing a full-size thumbnail but also allows users to swipe through all listing photos.

Our listing upgrade page is now a live preview—showing you exactly what your listing will look like on the site.


If you experience any site issues do not hesitate to contact support so that we can correct it. And, as always, thank you for using Audiogon.