What’s On Your Table? (5/28/2021)

Lila, by Innov Gnawa (Daptone Records, 2021)

Daptone has built quite a reputation in its 20 years as a premier funk and soul indie label, but they’ve gotten a bit adventurous of late, no more so than with this release. Innov Gnawa is an American-Moroccan band that plays traditional Sufi blues, and Lila translates as “the night.” The album is meant to represent a sample of a centuries-old ceremony where healing takes place through music, one that might actually last several days or even weeks.

“Sahara Dune” pressing, still available

The LP comes with liner notes that explain all of this much better than I ever could. If you order direct from Daptone, there are black vinyl and colored vinyl editions still available, as well as editions that come with an additional 10″ record, which also comes recommended.

Here, just read this, it’ll explain everything.

In the meantime, you can sample the album here. Enjoy!


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