Retro Tech Spotlight: Koss Porta Pros

Can something be Retro Tech if it’s still readily available for purchase, used regularly and beloved with almost cult-like fervor by devotees worldwide? Such is the case with Koss Porta Pro On Ear Headphones, introduced in 1984 and largely unchanged 36 years later.

Retro Tech Spotlight: Mr. Microphone

Mr. Microphone was a handheld, battery-operated wireless microphone for broadcasting over FM radio that was first sold in the late 1970s by Ronco, a Chicago-based company that endlessly hawked its assorted devices on television with ubiquitous ads that would become part of that generation’s pop culture.

Retro Tech Spotlight: Sony MZ-1

Sony first rolled its MiniDisc format in 1992, but failed to gain wide acceptance beyond Japan and the United Kingdom, save for a small group of tech enthusiasts and musicians.

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