Big News for Listing Upgrades

For the last several months, we’ve been working really hard on some big changes in the ways you’re able to add value to your listing through Listing Upgrades. We’re super excited about them and we’ve got a lot to share, so let’s dive right in.


Price Reduction for Bold

We understand that it can be a bit of a leap to pay $5.00 to Bold your listing if you’re opting for a $4.00 Basic listing. We’re going to fix that by cutting the price of Bold in half. That’s right, you can now Bold your listing for only $2.50!



It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can now purchase a Thumbnail to show up next to your listing in the Marketplace for only $5.00!



Higher Value-Add for Featured

As a way to really jumpstart our users listings, we’ve traditionally given them Bold for FREE when they upgrade to Featured – a cost savings of $5.00. You may be thinking that since the cost of Bold has decreased, the value-add for Featured has also decreased but we’ve got some great news for you.

To make sure our users are still getting the best value possible for their listings, not only do you still get Bold for FREE when you upgrade to Featured but we’re also going to give you a Thumbnail! The price of Featured will remain unchanged at $20.00 but with the FREE addition of Bold and a Thumbnail, your cost savings is now $7.50!


Audiogon Boosts

This is the big one. You’ve been asking for more ways to gain exposure for your listings and we were listening. We’d like to introduce you to Audiogon Boosts.


What are Boosts?

Boosts provide you with the ability to buy impressions (more on that later) for your listing. Simply select “YES! Boost my listing.” when you’re creating a listing and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ve implemented intelligent selection algorithms to make sure that users are seeing the right listing at the right time. If a user is searching specifically for “turntables”, we’ll give priority to Boosted listings that are turntable listings. By factoring in relevance, we ensure that you’re getting the greatest bang for your buck!

What counts as an impression?

Each time a user loads a page in our Marketplace, we will show them several Boosted listings. Every time one of your Boosted listings is displayed on the page, that’ll count as one impression.

When do my Boosts expire?

That’s the best part – THEY DON’T! When you purchase Boost impressions, you own them forever and you can use them on as many listings as you’d like. Consider this example:

  1. You purchase 10,000 Boost impressions.
  2. You opt to Boost two of your listings.
  3. Each of those listings receive 2,500 impressions before they sell.
  4. You now have 5,000 Boost impressions left to use on other listings.

So don’t be afraid to load up on Boosts!

New Site Features and Stats

You can now sort by Category in your search results:  Now when you perform searches, your search results will now show the sub category listed instead of classified or auction.   Many of you requested this to better identify the type of equipment listed.  If you would like to sort the results by category, simply click on Category on the column header.

My Bill Is Available:  We have simplified the process to pay.  You now have the ability to save and store your credit card for easy payment options.  You can now view and pay your My Bill at anytime.

Bug Fixes and Speed Improvements: We’ve made a number of bug fixes from our user feedback, thank you for sharing with us. We’ve also improved the site speed and our server response times are now around 200 ms. To continue increasing our speed we are planning on many speed improvements over the next few weeks.

Site Stats

We are pleased to report more exposure for your listings with increased site traffic since our launch. This has been an area of concern by many users stating that our traffic has dropped since launch. This is not the case, below we have shared information with you from Google Analytics which is the premiere website tracking tool available. Many of you have pointed to our Quantcast numbers which are inaccurate. Currently, the Quantcast number only reflects the visitors on the pages of our old website (ie. forums, feedback, virtual systems etc). The visitors on the new updated pages are not being calculated on Quantcast and that’s why you may have seen drop in our numbers.

As you can see from the visitor overview chart above traffic, our traffic after the launch is up about 10% and our traffic has become much more consistent.  What this means for you, is more people looking at your listings. Part of our goal with the new site was to make it easier for website search engines to find your ad and our site so that we could drive more traffic for you.