Buy/Sell – New Benefits

The AudiogoN Marketplace has gotten much simpler, with streamlined listings, better searching, quick checkout and much more. Here’s an overview of the changes.

Improved search

Searches can now be filtered by price, auction end date, condition, listing type and category. Click the column names to sort your search results by item name, price, time left and type of listing.

Home>Buy>New Today

Buy It New listings are still separated into categories, and we’ll be adding new categories soon, like Headphones.

Home>Buy>Buy It New

Within each category, Featured Listings are highlighted. And we’ve added new categories such as Headphones.

Home>Buy>Buy It New>Preampliffiers

Improved Listings

We’ve simplified the process for adding a classified listing or auction.

Home > Sell

Creating a listing is a four-step process, with each field clearly marked. You can now use HTML tags to add formatting like bold and italic text, bullet lists and more. This form is similar whether you’re creating a classified ad or auction, for audio equipment or media.

Enter the item name and description, choose the condition and add up to six images  for no additional cost. Decide how you want people to be able to bid and pay, and what your asking price will be. Enter shipping weight and dimensions if you like, add your contact information and preview your listing.

You can now enhance your listings with italics, bold, · bullet lists and more.

Home > Sell > Classified > Details

Home > Sell > Classified > Preview

Checkout is simplified with one-click payment options.

Home > Sell > Classified > Checkout

Listings have a cleaner format, with essential information clearly displayed above image thumbnails and the item description.

MyPage Listing Management

MyPage is now a comprehensive dashboard for all your AudiogoN transactions. Keep an eye on what you’ve bought and bid on, what you didn’t win, what you’ve sold, and what you’re selling. Anything that needs immediate attention or is new since your last visit is flagged.

Home > MyPage > Buying

You can edit or close listings, or relist sold and expired items, all directly from the MyPage dashboard.

Home > MyPage > Selling

You can also set notification preferences so you don’t miss important communication from buyers and sellers.

Home > MyPage > Preferences



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