Overview of Site Changes

We’re thrilled to present AudiogoN’s first major site upgrade, with improved navigation and search, streamlined buying and selling and a cleaner overall look. Here are some of the highlights.

The home page is still the starting point for items for sale by category, all of the community forums and reviews, and resources like our audio bluebook and product reviews.


Marketplace searches can now be filtered by price, auction end date, condition, listing type and category. Click the column names to sort your search results by item name, price, time left and type of listing.

Home>Buy>New Today

MyPage is now your one-stop dashboard for managing all buying, selling and communication about Marketplace transactions.

Home>My Page>Buying

Home>My Page>Selling

You can also edit your notification preferences here so that you can be emailed when someone has bid on your item, when you’ve been outbid, when someone has replied to a thread you’ve started and more.


  1. Please, Please, Please allow us to exclude a particular seller when searching. When I search my by my partial zip code my results are full of a local company that uses Addiogon to sell their products. I would like to exclude them from my search.

      1. Any thoughts about going back to the music classified section where there was charging a minimum to list? Seems everyone, since it is free to list, is asking the world for the most mundane music. The old days pages didn’t go with no sales as there was a value to the product. Today, so much fluff fills the vinyl pages it takes forever to go through the current day’s listings.

  2. In addition to Jeff’s comments, please filter out ALL of the dealer’s, give them a separate page,and if they violate the condtions, remove them.

      1. I am mainly a seller on audiogon but occasionally I do purchase. I had an experience with a seller who engaged in out and out fraud substituting items described as new with used items in poor condition. I took action and received a refund. Because I was refunded I was unable to leave feedback of any kind. Later I discovered that the photo of the item was actually borrowed from another tube sellers website and that this same seller had gone right back to business on audiogon and had launched his own website which contained still more pictures borrowed from other sellers listings. I believe that if I had been allowed to leave the negative feedback that the seller deserved it would have been in the best interests of the buying public. Please consider the option that a buyer may be able to share the buying experience with fellow audiogon members even if the transaction is cancelled.

  3. It would be great if one could have the option to sign up for an email alert when a particular product comes up for sale

  4. Will it be possible to have a personal “watching” list like on My eBay for ads that we are interested in and want to keep tabs on before making a final decision? Or does the “buying” list also serve this function?

  5. please tell me you now have a section for headphones and related gear. this is currently the fastest growing segment in all of audio.

  6. As a record seller I notice that most of my items are purchased when I first list them or when I relist them. It seems as if the display or search function leads members to buy only from the newly listed items. I am not sure if this has been addressed by your changes or not.

  7. With all these new changes coming, how much more in fees will we have to pay? I liked it before when you weren’t gouging us!

    1. I don’t think you were gouging us before, but I do hope the listing is
      free and then charge us the fee after its been sold. I stopped using
      e-bay because of all the fees. In fact it would be nice if we could list
      the high-end electronic equipment too and just pay a little higher
      selling fee when its been sold.

  8. As a peruser (almost daily) and user of the site for many years… Don’t like it.
    I predict a loss of revenue. For the fun of perusing is gone.
    Has become to complicated. Sometimes “new” does not equate to better.
    It does look nice and pretty.

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