Partners FAQ

Why is Audiogon making these changes to its Partner program and discontinuing its credit system? 

Audiogon has heard the suggestions of our users and we listened! We’ve found that our credit system was only used by a small percentage of our partners and was not providing the value we hoped it would.  Secondly, internet advertising has adopted CPM (cost per one thousand impression, read below) pricing and standardized ad unit sizes.  We realized we should follow this trend instead of forcing partners to develop custom ad units just for Audiogon.

What’s going to happen to my Active Banners, Sponsor Banner, Graphic Banners or Display Ads?

Active Banners will still be available to you but will be accessible through your My Page instead of your partner login.  All other types of advertising will be phased out and all accounts will be converted to our new CPM advertising.

Secondly, We have requested that you send us updated banner ads for our new website. If you have sent them, we will put them in either run of site or your preferred category, whichever you request. If you did send new banner ads, then we will try to resize your existing ads to fit the new website. If you have a preferred placement for your existing ads to run, then we will apply that to the resized ads as well.

How do I run Active Banners?

Active Banners will still be available to you but will be accessible through your MyPage and you will find link after December 8th on your Partner Page.

Will I still have access to all the information on my partner page?

Yes, you’ll still have access to your partner page and login to access historical information and manage your store.  Moving forward you can create new listings and manage your active banners through your MyPage.

How do I list classifieds and auctions moving forward?

Once you are logged onto the website, you can click the link on the menu bar at the top of the page labeled “Sell”. From there you can then choose between the “Auction” or “Classifieds” as well as “Media”. We have greatly simplified this process,  checkout and listing management.

How to I re-list expired listings?

Login to your “My Page” and click on the “Expired” link. Choose the ad that was listed and click “re-list”.

What will happen to my existing credits?

Your existing credits will expire on December 8th.

What are the benefits of being part of the Audiogon Partner Program?

There are three major benefits to our Partner Program:

  • All transaction fees are waived on sold listings
  • Access to Active Banners
  • Your company will be listed on one of the following pages: Site Sponsor, Featured Brands, Factory Direct, Authorized Dealer or Guild.

How does CPM pricing work?

The way our banner pricing works is in 1,000 impression increments.  The price ranges from $4-10 per 1,000 impressions depending on where the banner ad runs on the site.

What is CPM?

CPM stands for “Cost Per Impressions”.  An impression is when a banner ad is displayed to a user on a website.  If you would like to read more about CPM advertising you can read about it here.

Why is CPM pricing a benefit to me?

CPM is the standard way advertisements are shown on the web.  If you would like to read more about CPM advertising you can read about it here.

Save money

  • CPM pricing means you only pay for as many impressions as you want
  • Improved ad placement means higher click-through rates
  • Valuable performance metrics let you focus your ad budget where it’s most effective
  • Geo-targeted ads let you design campaigns for specific regions and avoid cross-territory selling

Save time

  • Industry standard ad sizes mean no more designing ads to specs that only AudiogoN uses
  • You can build an ad library, to be managed by a dedicated AudiogoN representative

What banner sizes will work for

We have 3 different sizes available for our banner ads. You can choose either our Leaderboard which is 728×90 pixels, or our Skyscraper which is 160×600 pixels, or our Medium Rectangle which is 300×250.

What will happen to my existing saved data, listings, expired listings, etc.?

They will all be accessible under your MyPage and you can easily re-list any expired listing from your expired listing tab under Selling on the MyPage.


  1. Why not use CPC (cost per click) instead of CPM (Cost Per Impression)? In my opinion CPC is a better value since you only pay for ads that get actual clicks, not just exposure. Google Adwords uses the CPC model. The CPM model allows one to create a horrible ad, get no clicks, but still pay for the exposure. Whereas you will know very quickly how effective your ad is with the CPC model.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the feedback, we hope to look at CPC advertising in the near future but wanted to get updated before adding these types of features for advertisers. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. I welcome the changes that you will be implementing. However, I did take notice the recent ads that pop up all over the website by random advertisers that have nothing to do with the audio/video industry. In my opinion, I feel they make your website look less appealing/attractive. Just my thought on this…

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