Buy & Sell Details

We’ve put a lot of thought into improving the buying and selling experience here at AudiogoN. When we launched in 1997, ecommerce was relatively new and even today’s major online retailers and auction sites were still figuring out what the landscape would look like. The changes we’re rolling out on December 8 bring us up to date with many of the features you’ve gotten used to elsewhere on the web.

Several AudiogoN’s super users helped us with feedback and hours of thorough testing, and we’re just about ready to go live with the first round of enhancements. Although there’s more to come in 2012, the changes we’ve made to buying and selling address many of the AudiogoN community’s most frequent suggestions and concerns. (Trust us—you’ll love how much better image viewing is in Marketplace listings.)

Here are just a few of the changes you can expect.

  • Users want the ability to quickly focus searches on exactly what they’re looking for, so we’ve added the ability to filter searches on fields such as price, condition, and auction end date.
  • In the Buy It New section, we’ve added requested categories like Headphones and Any Others to announce?
  • You can now set up a listing in minutes with a streamlined four-step process. Descriptions support HTML tags and you can add up to six images for no extra cost.

Home>My Page>Classified

  • Many users have asked for a simplified checkout process, so we’ve implemented one-click payment options for credit card or PayPal.
  • One of the most requested features from buyers, sellers, and casual browsers alike has been better image viewing. Take a look at this big, beautiful light box layout


  • MyPage is now a one-stop shop for managing all of your listings—everything you’ve bought and bid on, sold or currently have for sale. Whether you’re a buyer or seller or both, all of your info is here. Anything that needs your attention, like a message from a potential buyer or a watched auction that’s ending, is flagged on the home page and on MyPage.

Home>My Page

We know there will be a learning curve as everyone gets used to the new features, and we hope that you’ll let us know what you love and what your suggestions are for further upgrades. Thanks for being part of the AudiogoN community and keep an eye out for an email announcing when all of these changes go live on Thursday, December 8.

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