What We’re Working On

Note: Please try not to post customer support questions as comments on the blog.  Please go to http://support.audiogon.com for help.  Also we please ask to only send us one request as it slows down or response time if you email us multiple times.

We’ve received roughly 500 comments since we launched the new site and we’re working through many of your requests, please understand that we are listening and working to get the site up to our users standards.  Here are some of the things we’ve both worked and are working on:

What we updated yesterday:

  • Zip Code Search: You can now search by zip code by  and we’re actively working on rolling out zip code by radius
  • Music listings are now separated from equipment
  • Search only includes listing titles:  We are considering adding description back into search as a checkbox option as many of you are also requesting this.
  • Feedback is now visible on listings:  Links to feedback have been restored and your scores should be showing correctly
  • Email Fixes: Email notices should not contain any bad characters and we’ve increased deliverability.
  • Site Speed: We’ve completed a number of speed improvements and are working on more.
Here are some notes regarding the new site:
  • Problems with Listings: if you have problems with your listings, please go to http://support.audiogon.com and try to find your answer there. If you’re still experience problems, please email us but please understand we’re dealing with a large number of requests and give us 24-48 hrs to respond.
  • Buy it now, Offer and Bid buttons not being visible on your own listings:  Sellers cannot see these buttons on their own listings only potential buyers, this is to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Listing Management: To manage your listing and see open offers, questions or orders just make sure your logged in and go to the listing page from your selling table on MyPage home
  • Editing Listings:  We’re working on cleaning up editing, for now please use the amending option on your listing.

Thanks to our community for all their patience over the last few days.

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