Meet The Ultimate Home-Theater Audiogon Member

The Kipnis Studio Standard™ – TRINITY Ultimate Home Theater – Impressive is an Understatement!

For most of you, your Audio Visual aspirations include a well-built home theater with surround sound. Or perhaps you hope to one day own and operate a home studio for listening to favorite music and recording local musicians. However, one of our longtime Audiogon members in particular has turned THE Ultimate Home-Theater / listening room concept into a reality.

Meet audiophile producer & engineer, Jeremy Kipnis, who is also a widescreen cinemtagorapher, acoustician, and conductor. He owns one of THE Most elaborate and well-designed home theaters in the world, the Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) – TRINITY Ultimate Home Theater. Because of the intricacy and sheer volume of custom designed and modified equipment in this uniquely created and constructed theater, his studio has the ability to transport the audience to the event; more so than you have ever experience before! This quickly turns any film, tv program, or music album you may be watching or listening to into the “Greatest Show On Earth!”. When Kipnis designed and built the KSS room, his goal was to immerse the audience completely, allowing them to see and hear anything and everything contained in the media, and also to physically experience it, as well. The Kipnis Studio Standard seduces one into becoming so involved with the movie or soundtrack in a completely believable way that it is as close to reality (or even better) than anything thus far produced in a performance venue.

The Audiogon community has helped to build this prestigious, beyond cutting edge ultimate home theater. “In my research and development process for this project, I utilized Audiogon on many occasions to purchase and test equipment; otherwise unavailable anywhere else. The customer service and wide variety of products available have allowed me to create a better Ultimate Reference System.  Additionlly, there has been the benefit of collaborating with many fellow AV enthusiasts to share experiences with audio equipment and recordings from across the world,” shares Kipnis.

The Kipnis Studio Standard is a protocol designed to produce the “You Are There” experience, better than anything else on the planet. First, there is the room itself, with tightly controlled acoustics afforded by the reverse-trapegon room shape offer the perfect complement to the 12.12 channel surround audio system; with 24 – 18” Snell speakers, and a whole lot more. This unique room has vaulted ceilings ranging from 8 feet to 16 feet, allowing the sound to spread out, offering an IMAX-like experience. Add to this a Sony High Resolution 4K (4,096 by 2,160) SRX series Cinema projector, (and more recently JVC 8K Projection System), along with a Stewart Snowmatte Laboratory Grade 4-way masking Motion Picture Screen, he can create anything from any aspect ratio perfectly to suite any program material as large as 24’ x 16’ with perfect precision.

In addition to being owner, engineer and producer of his own high-end classical and jazz label, Epiphany Recording Ltd., (est. 1994, now in its 18th year), Kipnis has created albums for many labels including Capital, Chesky, EMI, London, RCA / BMG, SONY, and Warner Brothers. His understanding and knowledge of what makes great sound spans over 43 years of study, and he owns an immense library of over 300,000 Albums (78s, 45s, LP, CD, RTR, SACD, DVD, LaserDIsc, etc.) giving him unparalelled access to music, film, technology, and architecture with acoustics most of us can only dream of.

As you will see from this article (above), his passion for cinema grew as a child when he became close with several of his family’s friends, including audio / video innovator and Hall of Famer, Henry Kloss: the pioneer behind the first home theater projection systems, at ADVENT in 1971, also creator of the Bookshelf Speaker (Acoustic Research in 1954). Kipnis himself now boasts 4 consecutive Guinness World Record Wins (2009 – 2012) for being the “Most Technically Advanced Home Theater & Video Gaming Setup in the World!”, and countless international awards for both his pioneering audio and video work.

Kipnis considers the KSS TRINITY Theater a laboratory, a place to review new technologys on a daily basis. He is currently designing and creating several different sized versions of his KSS Media Room designs for new clients in the US, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia; providing an ultimate AV experience that is way beyond merely going to the movies or listening to an album. One day he hopes to create a truly self-powered wireless speaker that can produce “You Are There” sound from within any room type and size, while blending invisibly into the interior decour — a true No Compromise High-End afforadble speaker system.

Kipnis’s long list of testimonials from avid listeners and viewers speaks for itself.  Steve Guttenberg (Home Theater Magazine, CNET, Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, The Robb Report, Engadget and A/V Interiors, and a projectionist for Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola) states “ I thought I had seen and heard everything, but nothing comes close to this!”

And Academy Award winning film resortation producer, Robert Harris (Godfather, Rear Window, Sparticus, Vertigo) uses Kipnis Studios to evaluate the quality of his work,  “The facililty is World Class — a Screening Room that itself defines the “Standards” for our industry!

Kipnis has been recently featured on the HGTV show “Million Dollar Rooms”. Check out the full segment at:

For more information about Kipnis and his unique home theater system and the company that designs them (as well as Kipnis’ Record Label and Audio / Video Calibration Company) visit:  The Kipnis World: or go directly .

If you would like to be featured or showcased as one of Audiogon’s premiere users, please email our Marketing department.  We look forward to hearing about your accomplishments as a fellow Audiogon member.

(Photos by Robert Wright Photography / Copyright Kipnis Studios © 2012)


  1. Easily the greatest and immersive home theater capable of producing not only picture of the finest quality but also the most mind blowing, flawless audio fidelity from SnellTHX Reference speakers.

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