Items for Sale by Member and Photo Captions-Now Available

We have two new updates today!  Items for sale listed by member and photo captions.

Back by popular demand is the ability to search for items listing by a particular Member.  From the homepage, click on Member Look-up:

Then enter the Member’s Username:

You can also look up a specific store’s listing :

After clicking on “Find Member,” you will see a screen that looks like this:

Click on the “For Sale items” link to search their listings.  If that user or store has nothing listed, your search will return “No results found.”

If the Member or Store has items for sale, your results will look like this:

We’ve also updated the photos section of listings to show captions for each picture as shown below:

Next time you upload a photo, please don’t forget to enter a caption!

Keep an eye on the Audiogon Blog for information on Enhanced Zip Code Search, where you’ll be able to search for listings in a general area, and on-site Messaging which are both in the final testing phase!

We thank you for all your valuable feedback and use your comments to direct next steps on the site.  If you have any suggestions or comments, or simply need to report an issue to our Support Team, please contact us via the email link here.


  1. I like the idea that other members can look up what you have to sale instead of having to
    look through hundreds of pages trying to locate a item you are selling. Great Job people.
    Now, how do I get me picture on Audiogon? eddiesan

  2. This is all good and fine but until the constant “Application Errors” are corrected, everything else is pretty much pointless. I have had this error a total of 13 times in the last half hour!

  3. forgot my password and user name. need to reset, but system wont let me in without username that i don’t have

  4. I have been trying to place an add all afternoon. System keeps wiping out all the detailed description and other info when I go PREVIEW or CHECKOUT. Re-entered info four times and still get this error. Tried with and without photos still no joy. Cannot get to CHECKOUT stage. What a PIA. What good is captions on photos if you cannot get though the basics? Never had these issues on the original Audiogon.

  5. almost 5 months into the new website and its still not right. security certificate errors, mass quantities of zero feedback con artists, ads from malaysia and other asian countries (right – i’ll buy some kimber knockoffs from you-not) and the list goes on. please fix the site so i can trust it again.

    thank you

    1. You all are doing great; keep up the good work. I still think something is going on at Audiogon
      that is causing me to get less traffic. Before I could list about 10 records and then go to my
      e-mail to find out that I had already sold 2 or three records that I had just listed. Now, its dead,
      nothing, Weeks go by and hits, no questions, no nothing. I just listed about 40 records and
      nothing has happened, I hope things turn around cause I hate to go back to E-Bay or Amazon.

  6. I agree with John’s post above. Something has to be done to get back to the functionality we once had. Nobody is on the forum which is something we enjoyed while shopping and selling.

    1. Functionality would improve if and when they bring back bookmarks. What is the advantage of having a site such as Audiogon when one must write by hand all the sites that are of interest? eBay, Amazon etc. all use them and to their advantage.

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