Introducing Headphones as its own category! New Wanted category! User poll!

We are pleased to let you know that Audiogon now has a Headphones Category.  In addition we are working on expanding our categories and we would like you to help us decide what categories you would like to see.

With many advancements in personal listening technology and our users requests to expand Audiogon will now have a stand alone, Headphones category with two sub-categorized In-Ear Headphones and Over-Ear Headphones.  You will now be able to list and search for these products in the Headphones category.

We have also introduced a new Wanted category.  You will now be able to place a Wanted ad the same way you enter a Classified listing by choosing the Wanted category after you enter the item information.  We will be contacting users with existing Wanted ads via email prior to migrating their ads over to the new section, but you may also contact Support directly via the email link on the Support page.

In addition to that change, we’d like your help in deciding other listing categories to add.  Our categories are not meant to be entirely static; through your feedback, we want to be more responsive to the changing needs of the high end audio marketplace. By submitting a response to the poll below, your opinions may directly effect the types of audio equipment and music available on!

Please take a moment to vote!  You may choose more than one answer or write in your own Category or Subcategory.


    1. I second that! It used to be very handy to click the zip code and see where the seller is located.

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