“Basic Searching” Video Tutorials now online!

We hope you’ve had some time to explore our recent Search Enhancements.  This three-part series of video tutorials go a little more in-depth so you can make the most out of your quest for High End Audio.

**Note: For best clarity, please watch these videos in full screen by clicking on the screen size option at the bottom of the video viewer

In this first video, we’ll examine the Basic Search and how to locate items listed by specific Members.

In the second part of our series, we’ll explore the Intelligent Search and searching across Multiple Categories.

In the final video, we’ll look at utilizing zip codes to make the most out of your area search.

When you have some time, try out a few searches of your own and let us know what you think.  We genuinely appreciate all suggestions and ideas!  You can leave us a comment via the form below.

For technical or billing questions, please contact Audiogon Support here.  Thanks for watching!

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