Brand New Categories on Audiogon

Due to overwhelming response, we’re adding a few more categories and subcategories in addition to our new Headphones section!  Under the Digital category, we’ve updated the CD subcategory to CD/SACD, along with:

Computer Audio *NEW CATEGORY*


  • Do-It-Yourself Are you building or tweaking your system? Look here for parts both easy and hard-to-find!
If you have any other category suggestions, let us know by emailing us here!

1 Comment

  1. As many Audiogon Forum correspondents assert, and as my personal experience confirms, one’s listening room is a determinant factor in listening satisfaction. May I once again submit Room Treatment as a Forum and merchandise category? On the occasions that I have posed a question on this topic, hits have topped 1,000. Clearly there is both curiosity and interest.
    Thank you again for everything you do on our behalf.
    David Kellogg

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