Press Release: The Baetis Media Computer



The Baetis Revolution™.  This small media server can handle more types of audio and video than any other audiophile player, server, or computer — CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, Super Audio CDs (DSD files), high-definition digital downloads from,, Linn Records and others, plus live streaming of the Berlin Philharmonic, and much more, including all the common sites such as Rhapsody, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc.  For each type of file, the Baetis computer does the following:


  • Rips (copies) the audio or blu-ray disc for long-term permanent storage in your home, not on a remote server. Ripping is perfect and uncompressed.  Ripped blu-ray files can be 30G in size so the Revolution has unlimited storage capability. Of course, we do not condone illegal copying of media.
  • Let’s you browse through thousands of albums, concerts, and movies on your monitor’s screen or on an Android/iOS tablet. Multiple Theater Views.
  • Plays the file back in perfect bit-streaming mode to your cherished Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) or Multi-Channel DAC/pre-amp/video processor (Pre/Pro).  All resampling rates (up to 192k) and all bit-depths (up to 64-bits) can be streamed without any Digital Signal Processing (a claim that NONE of the other audiophile servers make).  Eliminates the need for USB-SPDIF conversion.
  • Handles FLAC, WAV, ALAC and all the other hi-def audio files
  • Handles MPEG4, MKV, and all the other hi-def video files, including 3D.
  • Is the central server for whole-house music and video – streaming uncompressed  audio/video to other rooms and to your Android or iPad when traveling.  You WILL need better earphones.  And your tablet can act as a sexy remote control.
  • Does all this without any noise coming from the server itself – it cannot be heard!  No other computer with these capabilities is this silent.  We use specially milled fans and heat sinks to accomplish the same noise as the audio system on standby or less than the sound of breathing at 1 meter.
  • Has up to 12T of direct-connect storage, plus unlimited network-attached storage.
  • Includes a 2-year warranty, 1-year of telephone support, and a 90-day trial period.
  • Proprietary heat-sink/cpu mounting hardware eliminates DOA events after the unit is dropped by the shipping company.  Our test units have survived falls from 3 feet onto concrete (with no padding) with only cosmetic effects!
  • Made here in the USA.  Comes in black or silver.  9.5” by 10” by 4.25”


John Mingo at Baetis Audio states, “the very best quality audio can only be found on blu-ray discs — in the form of 48/32, 96/32, and 96/24 concerts.  Furthermore, the ear and the eye work together — the sound is improved by listening to the music while watching the players.  This is NOT just psychological but a natural part of the body’s functions. Essentially, the sound of a concert, especially that of a small ensemble, SOUNDS far better when you can watch the players play.  And listening to the sound on a truly good 2-channel setup is far better than on even a very good 5.1 channel setup.  Unfortunately, you simply CANNOT get 48/32 files or 96/24 files unless you either download them from a website, rip them from a blu-ray disc, or play the blu-ray on a player.”

For more information, please see the Baetis Audio website.

“Baetis Audio – we compete with the best or we don’t do it.”


  1. What price is it Baetis Audio, and does it support ISO play back and will it rip bluray disks to an ISO file?
    Cheers Tony

  2. John…….

    Neat piece of kit….of course, I have questions! What
    connection ports are on the back of the device? Pre-amp out? 7.1,
    10.1, 5.1 or is each custom configured? Am i correct in assuming that
    there are no power amps built in? Only HDMI? What version? SPIDF
    avail? Would my Integra 7.1 preamp be redundant? Also my Oppo BluRay
    I’m assuming.

    I plan on moving this direction but no time frame established
    yet…..what I’ve seen so far hasn’t impressed me (Microsoft based
    O/S) and I’m not a great Apple Fan with the exception of iTunes and my
    iPod. But not their O/S. Any reviews of your product that I could



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