Site Update: Log In Only Once and Updated Feedback Scores

We’re pleased to announce that the latest site update included the addition of a secure single sign-on, as well as updated Feedback scores!

With single sign-on, Members will only need to log in to Audiogon once and have access to MyPage, the Forum, Feedback, and Virtual Systems.  Members are no longer required to sign in at separate points and should expect a much smoother browsing experience.

In other news, we’ve completed porting all the Feedback information and Members’ scores should now accurately reflect the percentage of positive comments in their histories.

Of course, should you have any issues, our dedicated Support Team is available to assist you!  Please contact us here for a quick response.

Audiogon is looking for YOUR ideas!  If you have any suggestions for product reviews, cool pics of your gear or Listening Room, or anything that you feel the Audiogon community would be interested in, please send us an email with “Community” in the subject line here!

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