The Winning Picture from the Cover Photo Contest! Submit Your Hub Ideas Here!

Thank you for all the submissions to our Facebook Cover Photo Contest.  It was a tough choice, but in the end, here is the winner:

An Audio Note system from Hungary: 
– AN CD3.1x/II
– AN M2 Line
– AN-E/Spe HE
– AN-Vx interconnects
– AN-Spe speaker cables

Don’t worry if you didn’t win, your picture will still be displayed.  We’ll be adding your photo to the “Cool Pics” section of The Hub when it launches later this summer. The Hub is a Community section on our site through which all members may interact with each other.  It will have areas for articles, the return of the “Cool Pics” section,  event announcements, live chat sessions for members to debate hot topics, video tutorials, story and photo sharing among members, and an area for local Audio clubs, plus much more.

Do you have ideas for The Hub? Submit them here!

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