Browsing New Today Returns to Its Roots

You’ve asked and we listened – you may now browse New Today separately from the search function.

Clicking on “New Today” will show you today’s updates in this order:  Featured Ads, New Auctions, Demo Listings, Classifieds, Music, Forums, and Wanteds.

By hovering your mouse over “New Today” on the homepage, you can also view New Yesterday listings, as well as recently updated Forum discussions.

But for those who wish to search rather than browse you may find specific items by clicking on Buy (Home Page) and using our recently developed search platform.

We hope you enjoy this newly added option to browse New Today!  If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Support Team here.


  1. There still need to be a lot more done to clean up the clutter of mistakes still present on the New Audiogon site, For Instance:

    1. Remove the silly statement “No win for the seller.” This is idiotic to say something like this in the context of a failed business tranaction. A failed business transaction is a world of difference than a lost ball game.
    2. Revamp the “Respond” button to allow for continued communication from a potential buyer to the seller. As it is presently set up, only one response is allowed from a seller or buyer.

    1. Hi George – I can understand how “no win for the seller” might carry a negative connotation. Thanks for letting us know – we will be changing the language shortly. The ability for continued communication (multiple replies) between buyer and seller will be online this summer.

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