Sonus Faber Aida Loudspeaker and Audio Research Reference DAC Event

Last Thursday night, we had the pleasure of attending the Midwest Premiere of the Sonus Faber Aida Loudspeakers and Audio Research Reference DAC at Paragon Sight and Sound in Michigan.

Both demo rooms were amazing. The different choices of music really showed off the incredible capabilities of each system and it was wonderful to see some old friends and make new ones!

The Sonus Faber – Audio Research event at Paragon Sight & Sound
The Sonus Faber Aida Loudspeakers in the demo room

To read about the Aida Loudspeaker or the Reference DAC, click on the links below.

Sonus Faber Aida Press Release (.pdf)

Sonus Faber website

Audio Research Ref DAC (.pdf)

Audio Research website

Thanks again for having us!

Norbert Schmeid (Sumiko), Dave Gordon (Audio Research), & Larry Marcus (owner, Paragon)


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