Magico S5 Debuts at David Michael Audio (We were there!)

Magico listening room at David Michael Audio (Magico S5 units on either side)

Audiogon was on hand for the debut of the Magico S5 speaker at David Michael Audio and, wow, talk about impressive!  Though weighing in at about 190 lbs, its sleek curved design will fit a wide range of decor (and thus keep the comments about “big ugly speakers” to a minimum!) and more importantly, helps reduce internal standing waves.

Listeners were extremely impressed with the overall sound, particularly the S5’s robust bass, gentle mids, and smooth highs that seemed to defy listening fatigue.  “This is voiced perfectly,” one attendee murmured to himself, awestruck.

The Magico S5 is coming to be known as the “1% speaker for the 99%” in audiophile circles; several features, like the beryllium diaphragm, place the S5 in the running with some reference speakers priced at $100,000 or more. With new color options, you can add a touch of personality to the Magico quality you know and love.

For more details, please read the Magico S5 Press Release here!

Irv Gross, David Michael, and Jeff Block

We’d like to say a special thank you to Irv Gross (Director of Sales for Magico), David Michael and Jeff Block of David Michael Audio for their hospitality!

And when you’re in Michigan, stop by David Michael Audio in Royal Oak – their expertise and listening room are sure to keep you enthralled for hours!


  1. As I stated before superlatives and exaggerations in words used for products from Wilson Audio, Magico, AG, Sonus Phaber, Focal etc. not only irritate but do disservice to the objective reality. Although they are OK products but disasturously overpriced, none of them come close to Meridian DSP 8000 in terms of energy, focus, ambience etc.

    1. You have got to be kidding about the Meridian’s right??? If not I suggest you visit your nearest ear doctor for a good ear cleaning…

  2. While I understand this is cheaper than other offerings, and would love to own a pair, $28,600 / pair is a 1% speaker for the 99% audiophile? Surely you are in the top 1-3% to be able to afford these.

    1. The problem is that once a speaker gets over a few thousand the market shrinks from the 99% to the 1% of us who actually care. So to stay in business it seems that the prices have gone to the extreme. Rarely do I see anyone with what the critics call a flagship speaker under $10,000 let alone $5000. Speaker design has not changed a whole lot in the last 15 years in my opinion, so you would think that someone would jump on that segment and own it, but I must be wrong because if the market would support it, someone would do it.

  3. I never thought I’d leave my beloved Maggie 3.7s, and if I did would be up to the 20.7s. I have purchased the S5s. An incredible speaker and beautifully built.

    1. I had the 3.7s and traded up to the 20.7 s and would be interested in your view of strengths and weakness of Magico vs the “Maggie sound”
      I had auditioned Wilson and Avalon before starting the upgrades from my MGIIIAs to 3.7 to 20.7s. Neither made me want to switch from panels to a dynamic speaker although Avalon ISIS sounded closest to the sound I prefer. I do have another system with Klipsch Cornwalls but the is my “become the guy in the old Maxell ads” set up and is not is the same league as the speakers mentioned above.

      Never heard Magicos so was curious to get a view from former Maggie guy as to why you switched.

  4. As a Hi-Fi retailer once said to me you can have the most expense pair of speakers,
    In the world BUT if they don’t fit in with your Hi-Fi gear OR most importantly,
    They don’t fit-in with your room Acoustics they wont sound right + You might be,
    Better off with a £500 pair of speakers!!!.

  5. look, it’s a big bulky speaker. None of the elegance one can find in Raidho, even KEF or Marten speakers. On top of it, Magico has a rather boring sound, mostly correct, yet not nearly as engaging as some of the other top manufacturers…

  6. “several features, like the beryllium diaphragm, place the S5 in the running with some reference speakers priced at $100,000 or more.” Gee, I just saw a pair of ’70’s Yamaha NS1000 on ebay for $800 a pair with Beryllium diaphragms. Come on guys, with the BS level this high at least give me a chance to put my boots on.

  7. Just listen to them. I do not know how Magico do it but they get it right. A rare product indeed. But at a cost (isn’t all top audio like that). I love my Wilson sophia2s but the magics are something else.

  8. In responce to John, there is a Loudspeaker Co. who seems to own this Hi-End segment of the market, VMPS. No BS designs and very cost effective to say the least. Stunning bass authority, planner like midranges and tweeters using ribbon designs. Total room adjustability from top to bottom. VMPS makes loudspeakers for the common man, with discerned hearing!

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