Mikros 70 – Enjoy MartinLogan’s Sound on-the-go

Inspired by the clarity of their speakers, MartinLogan has unveiled their new Mikros 70 Reference In-Ear Headphones for the audiophile community.  Priced at $149.95, they feature an Apple-friendly in-line remote and microphone to seamlessly control volume, play/pause, track selection and voice call transition.  The standard 3.5mm 4-contact jack means that non-Apple users can also take advantage of MartinLogan’s legendary sound using a variety of smartphones and digital media devices.

Each unit includes 5 differently sized in-ear adapters that will isolate up to 97.8% of ambient noise without loss of bass and the handy carrying case keeps them protected when not in use. The black rubber cord aids in canceling noise that can be transmitted through movement – no more annoying swishing and thumping sounds while you try to get comfortable or go for a walk!

For more information and where to find them later this month, please see the MartinLogan website.  To see products like this on Audiogon, click here.


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