Review: Verastarr Audio Grand Illusion Power cord

About for years ago I went through a very lengthy and extensive auditioning process of highly regarded power cords in my system. These ranged in price from $1500.00 to almost $6000.00 for a five foot cord. It turned out that the hands down sonic winner in my system was the Harmonix Combak X-DC Studio Master 350. This cord produced natural timbres, reduced the noise floor so micro-details could be heard easily, great dynamics, and finally a natural ease and effortlessness was brought to my whole system. The Studio Masters were like a conduit that allowed the music to just flow out of my system. They also produced the same results regardless of what piece of gear I put them on. I thought they were very reasonable priced at retail price of $1500.00 per cord.

Recently I became interested in two new companies power cords that had gotten excellent reviews and set up auditions for both. The first cord I auditioned was a huge disappointment. Then I recently auditioned the Verastarr Audio Grand Illusion power cord, which is the creation of designer and owner of Verastarr Audio, Mike Powell, who turned out to be one of the nicest,friendly, and knowledgable gentleman that I have had the pleasure to do business with.

This cord is a beautifully built copper ribbon piece that is the most flexible and lightest cord I have ever used in my system. It offers sonicly a world class level of the following attributes:

1) Natural/rich timbres

2) Because the noise floor is gone the music just floats from a totally black background.

3) Great dynamics and pop on the lower end.

4) A natural ease and effortlessness that allows the music to flow out of your system.

5) The Grand Illusion produced these effects regardless of what piece they were put on.

If I did not already own my Studio Masters there is no doubt that I would make Mike’s cords my new reference in my system. However, these cords turned out to be “identical twins” sonicly in my rig. I believe they are a great bargain and bang for the buck, being priced at
$1799.00 for a five foot cord.

Incidentally, the owner and head writer, Clement Perry, of the website Stereo, recently replaced all of his reference Bybee Golden Goddess cords, which retail for $3500.00 a piece, with the Grand Illusions and gave them the MOST WANTED COMPONENTS AWARD FOR 2011!

I would highly recommend that if you are looking for new power cords that you give Mike a call and setup an audition, you get a 30 day period, however I don’t think you would be returning them after you hear them in your system.

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