Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 – First Impressions

As someone who had never attended the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest before, I was struck by not only the scope of exhibits but the range of learning opportunities available.  This year’s theme of “Feasting on the Future of Sound” was underscored by seminars about encouraging your friends to pick up audio, to headphones, to HDMI audio (look for another post about seminars in the coming week!).  In talking with several manufacturers and dealers, I learned that high end audio at affordable prices usually meant a downgrade of quality, but they’ve refocused their efforts to develop less costly products while maintaining the earmarks of “good sound.”

This is great news for the newer audiophiles I spoke with.  Many of them were first-timers, like me, approaching the community with caution.  As several of you are already aware, it’s easy to get carried away and consider taking out a second mortgage just to feed your habit!  I met a couple from Seattle on the first day of RMAF who initially seemed pessimistic about finding items in their price range, but by the third day, they’d made 180 degree turn, already beginning to figure out a workable budget that didn’t involve saving their pennies for years.

But, it wouldn’t be an Audio Fest without those items for which you’d think about selling your firstborn.  Keep an eye on the Audiogon blog for more images, videos, and reports from RMAF 2012 in the coming week. Take a look at the gallery below to get a taste of what’s to come!

Anna Verdier | Audiogon

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