Audiogon Site News – October 26th

Hello Audio Community:

We have been working hard behind the scenes to implement site updates for you. Below is a LONG list of tweaks, updates, and improvements to improve your experience on Audiogon.  Thanks to all your site feedback and requests, today we’ve been able to launch several updates, tweaks, and security enhancements.  The list of changes is extensive, so please read carefully and ask if you have questions!

WATCH LIST with notes is here. (You can read about starting your Watch List here!)

1. Keep Me Signed In: Many users have asked how they can simply click to reply to an Audiogon message from their personal email inbox.  Simply check off the “Keep me signed in” box on the log in page and you won’t to have to log in each time you want to respond to a message.  Here’s how you can make it easier for yourself.

2. Photo Upload Improvements and new features

We understand that our photo upload system was not working as well as it could. Speed was an issue and you did not have the flexibility to use pictures you had uploaded previously. We have improved the time it takes to upload a photo, and you will no longer have to resize images – all of this will happen automatically as the thumbnails are being created for you.

AVAILABLE NOW:  You will see a section called MY IMAGES, accessed under your MyPage as well as when you go to create a listing.  This is where you will be able to store a library of images that you have uploaded to Audiogon.  Any image you have uploaded since the re-launch in January will already be under your MY IMAGES.  In addition all images you upload moving forward will be automatically saved under My Images.

MyPage will also provide you access to your Watch List, plus you’re able to check the delivery status of emails you think you may have missed.

3. New Image Upload Options on your MyPage  

You can now upload photos without creating a listing.  Simply go to your MyPage and select My Images, and follow the instructions to save your images.  You can create captions for each photo as well.

4. Entering a New Listing?  Here are the new image upload options!

You have the option to either choose an image from your My Images library (again these are all the photos you previously uploaded) OR you can upload a new image.

Choose a previously uploaded photo:

Or upload a brand new image:

You can also edit your photos directly from your listing (login required)

5. New Browsing Features

Navigating through listings using the new Listings Browser:

Next time you’re viewing a listing either through searching or general browsing, you’ll notice a gray bar at the bottom of the page.  This is the Listing Browser – it allows you to quickly navigate your results.  You just need to  simply click next or previous listing – no more back button required!

Scroll through photos with ease!

Did you know that once you click on a thumbnail of a picture, it blows it up much larger, and from this window, you can simply click the arrow to scroll through all of the pictures?

6. New Auction Features

Auction “end time” confusion? Not anymore!

Simplified Bid Entry:

7. Simplified Feedback View

A note on New Listings: For increased security listings maybe be reviewed prior to listing.

We hope that these updates make your Audiogon experience more enjoyable!  We welcome your feedback – post your thoughts in the comments below, tweet us, or let us know on our Facebook page!  Our Support Team is also ready to answer any of your questions – send your email here.


  1. We developed this feature at members’ request, but we’re sorry to hear you aren’t a fan. You can close the Listings Browser out by hitting “minimize” just above the browser and to the right.

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