Audiogon Chat Room Use Guidelines

Dear Members,

The chat rooms are designed for you to enjoy and are member moderated. If you see something that doesn’t seem right please let us know.  We want to ensure that chatting in the Audiogon chat rooms is a pleasant experience for all.  We ask that you agree to make that happen.  By using the chat rooms you agree to  follow the guidelines below.

Thank you,
The Audiogon Team.


Chat Room Guidelines:

No posting of private contact information:
We ask that you do not give out personal information, e-mail address, phone numbers and home addresses. If you do so, you do this at your own risk and release from any and all responsibility.

No impersonating other members
Changing your chat name or creating another account to impersonate other members is strictly prohibited.

No advertising other websites or businesses:
Absolutely no spamming! No advertising of other websites or services will be allowed unless granted permission to do so.

No harassing other users:
Harassing other users in any way or form is strictly prohibited. While a little jesting can be fun, please try to keep an amicable and keep this a friendly environment.

Appropriate Material:
Please keep in mind that there may be minors on this website. Anyone violating this rule will be banned from the site immediately. Such as links to inappropriate photos or foul language.

No fighting or Name Calling:
You are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or attacking their character is not allowed. If you have a personal issue to discuss with a member, please keep it that way, and contact them through our on-site messaging system.

No racial, religious, political, or sexually inflammatory language:
Racism and prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated. Please treat other members with respect as much as you want to be respected.

No illegal activity.
This includes any discussion of narcotics legal or illegal it is strictly prohibited. Any activities on this site that are illegal in your own country, state or community are not allowed. Please be mindful of this as such activities within this site can be provided as transcripts to authorities as required.

No impersonating other members
Changing your chat name or creating another account to impersonate other members is strictly prohibited.


If you are harassed in anyway or see someone breaking the chat room rules, please let us know at  [email protected]

If you are found breaking the rules of chat:

You will be removed from the chat room(s). Or restricted for a period of time.


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