How To Clean Brushed Aluminum Faceplate

Want to keep your equipment in tip top shape, read here how to properly clean any aluminum faceplate, thanks to one of our members advice.  For the best method for your particular equipment the manufacturers recommendations is a great place to start.

When cleaning your audio equipment, you want to be sure to use something that does the job but doesn’t ruin the finish. Here’s a way to clean and preserve any brushed aluminum faceplate on your equipment.

1. Get a 3M Scotchbright dishscrubbing pad (the kind that is either green or maroon and often found on the backside of 3M sponges, the non-scratching kind).

2. Treat the panel with a cleaner.  Some user recommended cleaners are Goof Off, Windex, alcohol, and WD40.

3. Wipe the cleaner off with the pad, being careful to follow the grain brushed into the panel (DO NOT sand back and forth).


This method came from user Atmasphere who also commented, “This all comes from one of the country’s leading anodizing houses which does work for the military as well as several very well-known high end audio manufacturers.”

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