The McIntosh McAire

How does the high-end audio industry attract a generation who grew up listening to mp3 files through earbuds on their iPods?  While some manufacturers seem unsure of how to address this challenge, others are facing it head-on by introducing products that deliver great sound without compromising on size or looks. McIntosh is one of those companies working to appeal to a new audience with the release of a unique all-in-one audio system that brings big hi-fi sound in a small and stylish design – the McIntosh McAire.

The McIntosh McAire is built with convenience and today’s technology in mind.  Built-in AirPlay allows you to wirelessly stream music via your Wi-Fi network from your Mac or PC-based iTunes library, as well as music stored on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. USB docking is available for all day playback and charging, with song selection and volume handled by the included remote control. Computers and TVs can be quickly connected for full range, high fidelity sound.  Featuring two 4” woofers, two 2” midranges and two ¾” tweeters, the McAire fills the room with sound.

McIntosh is known for quality and with a $3000 price tag on this product, we think it will be a great introduction for many music lovers to the pleasures of high quality audio.

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