Featured Member – Midiverb

Midiverb’s listening room

Treating a listening room can be quite an undertaking, just ask Audiogon member Midiverb.  As a home improvement contractor, he already has the experience and skills to design a great space. Like many audio enthusiasts, though, Alex discovered that there are several ways to enhance the room for better sound reproduction.

Taking the time to learn about acoustics was key in this endeavor.  Tacking up some diffuser panels and bass traps without the proper knowledge is a sure-fire way to drive you crazy!  He figured that a mature, methodical approach is the best attitude when trying to get the most bang for your buck.

With these components to work with, Alexander dove into the project.

Turntable: Marantz -TT 15 with Clear Audio wood cartridge
SACD Player: Marantz – SA11S2 Reference Series
AMP: Marantz- PM15S2 Reference Series Integrated AMP
Phonostage: Fosgate Signature
Speakers: Sonus Faber Luto
Power: PS Audio Premier Power Plant
Speaker and Interconnects: Analysis Plus

equipment - midiverb

We think he ended up with a gorgeous result – we only wish we could hear it for ourselves!

Audiogon: How did you enter into audio or how did you come to understand that you weren’t just a casual listener anymore?

Midiverb: Well, I really never was a casual listener. I am a professional musician, and listening to the music was always a big thing for me. Back in the day (in Russia) I was listening to vinyl as well as reel-to-reel. My equipment was pretty decent during that time, but I didn’t take it with me when I moved to the U.S.A.   Of course, after moving, I was limited to the music in my car or some cheap radio, and other things drew my focus, so I stopped listening all together.

About two years ago, I was introduced to this one gentlemen. He is a very serious music lover, and I was invited to his place to listen to some great jazz albums. I saw his equipment (it is a great setup). After spending some time there, I re-discovered how much I enjoyed good sound reproduction. With his help and advice, I started to read about hi-fi equipment. I explored audio shops to listen to different equipment.  Over the last two years, I’ve changed every unit in my system, and now it’s time to stop and enjoy.

Audiogon: Treating a room can definitely be an all-consuming project – can you describe the steps you took?

Midiverb: Well, I used the old-fashioned way to do that. I was clapping all over the room, trying to hear where the echo comes from, and where it goes. I’ve used some basic bass traps in all corners and treated the back wall as it was also problematic. So, basically speaking, I went with my ears.

Audiogon: If you could only choose one room treatment, which would you choose? i.e. Which treatment has made the most difference in your space.

Midiverb: I have to say that bass traps made most of the difference in my room. Due to the laminated floors, the bass was jumping all over the place creating so-called “one note bass.” These little guys help a great deal.

Audiogon: What do you listen to mostly?

Midiverb:  I listen mostly to Jazz. I also love Brazilian music.

Audiogon: What is your favorite time of day to listen?

Midiverb:  I love to listen at night.

Audiogon: If you could go anywhere in the world at any time in history or present, which artists or composers would you like to meet and where?  Describe your perfect audiophile evening

Midiverb: I would love to meet Chick Corea. He is one of my all time favorite piano players. A Blue Note café in the NY City would be the ideal place.

A perfect audiophile evening is to spend it with another enthusiast listening to a “new” jazz record. Although I do enjoy listening to the music by myself, it is always better to share it with somebody who can appreciate both the music and the sound quality. We are building these nice systems, creating listening rooms, etc. This is, if you will, a sort-of art, really. You have to be able to share art. It is so much better to enjoy it with someone else.

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