User Tips – Making the Most of the Marketplace

Don’t let your listing get lost!  Here are some tips and tricks from our most successful sellers to get the best returns.

1. Take Good Pictures

  • Don’t use manufacturer stock photos – taking your own photos shows possible buyers what product they’ll actually be receiving.
  • Using natural light ensures the equipment is more visible, and there is no glare from a flash.  If you don’t have enough natural light, use your indoor lights to illuminate the item as much as possible so you don’t need to use a flash.  Black piano finish just doesn’t look as great when there’s a flash reflection in the middle of the photo, for example.
  • Avoid taking a photo of your reflection.  We’ve all heard about the guy who took pictures of his teakettle collection in the nude…
  • Clean up!  You want to show off the item, not a pile of laundry or last night’s leftovers.
  • Try to place your item against a neutral background so it stands out
  • Take several photos at different angles from different distances so you have plenty to choose from when uploading your photos.
  • Use your computer’s or camera’s editing software to crop photos, enhance lighting, or fix crooked pictures.

Remember, you want to put your item’s best foot forward and pictures speak louder than words!

2. Use Auction Reserve Pricing

When entering an Auction, set your Reserve Price at the lowest dollar amount you will accept.  This protects you from selling too low and allows the market to determine the final sale amount so you get the best price!

3. Use Eye-Catching Words in Your Title

Don’t save all your best descriptors for the body of your listing – use them in your title!  Casual browsers are six times more likely to view your full listing if you do more than simply enter the brand and model.  The “title ending” field gives you the opportunity to really promote your item.  Some good examples are

  • McCormack DNA-750 Mono Blocks – Upgraded Version, Rare, Like New Demos, Never Owned!
  • KRELL KPS 20 i/L Krell Playback System KPS-20i/L Krell’s best ever with Line stage!
  • Burmester 036 Stereo Amplifier Mint Store Demo – Perfect!
  • AUDIO RESEARCH LS-1 hybrid line preamplifier-with 1965 Mullard tube and original packing
  • Jw Audio Signature 1m – 1.5m rca or xlr new beautiful,open and airy
  • ♦ Acoustic Revive RCA 2.0PA Special Edition 2m Pair ♦

What tips or tricks do you have?  Share them here!

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