Featured Member – Eliabra

This time we’re bringing you an Audiogon user all the way from Romania.  User Eliabra has been hard at work on his listening room, creating a sleek, minimalist vibe.  He began the process by remodeling the room and picking out special furniture, but what really brought it all together was his own custom-designed cabinet to house his components and hide the cords.  Continue reading to learn more about his early start into audio and the inspiration behind his custom cabinets!


Components pictured:

Wilson Benesch Discovery speakers
Linn Majik DS-I
Qnap NAS
Nordost Speaker Cables
PS Audio Power treatment

Audiogon: Tell us about yourself.  How did you get into audio?

Eliabra: I work in advertising and live in Bucharest, Romania.  My love for music got me into high-end.  I loved music ever since I was a child.  My elementary school music teacher used to come with vinyl and play them in class. Music is an important side of my life and I would say my sanity.  I always enjoyed not only music, but also well recorded music.  Jazz came to me in my mid 20’s. I first listened to Ralph Towner, then Oregon, then Keith Jarrett, then…. ECM….
Audiogon: How did you get your room the way it is?
Eliabra: I remodeled the room specifically for listening reasons. Previously I had too much furniture.  I planned what speakers to get, and how to match them with as little as possible furniture.  I also matched the colors.

Audiogon: How do you keep your room looking so neat and sleek?  Any special tricks for hiding cords, etc?
Eliabra: I am neat so… hence the room.  The white cupboard is designed by me and executed by a local company here.  I took reference from SPECTRAL (hi-fi furniture from Germany).  The back is open, and the shelves are shorter in the back so that the air can flow. Also I designed a aluminum “ditch” to manage all the cables.
Audiogon: What is your favorite component and why?
Eliabra: The speakers – I love that the form is due to function.  They have no parallel surfaces, meaning bass is well controlled.  They have Isobaric Clam-shell bass.
Audiogon: What is your favorite music to listen to?
Eliabra: I listen to jazz – mainly avant garde and experimental. I also listen to 50’s and 60’s jazz (the remastered versions) and pre-classical music. I love Tony Malaby, Mark Helias, Marc Attias, Michael Moore, Ralph Towner, Tim Berne, Ken Vandermark, Alberto Pinton, Angles, Jasper Hoiby…I can go on and on and on.
Eliabra leaves us with a little Christmas cheer in this final picture of his listening room complete with holiday decorations.  Have you designed any custom pieces for you room? Do you put up holiday decorations in your room?  Comment below!
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  1. “Music is an important side of my life and I would say my sanity…”

    It’s always nice to read such comments.Make you think you are not alone in this game…

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