Cary Audio at The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas





JANUARY 2, 2013



This January at the 2013 CES show, Cary Audio will unveil a number of new products.  These products will be the first of many new products to come from Cary Audio as we position ourselves more strongly than ever in the world of high-end audio entertainment. Taking advantage of the importance of digitally oriented products in this new millennium, we will have several new digitally-based products as well as some spectacular analog surprises.


First, we’ll be showing new digital to analog converters (DACs).  The first two Cary Audio DACs are designed in collaboration with Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Technology.  We are using Gordon’s digital processing expertise and prowess to provide a state-of-the-art Streamlength USB input to listen to computer audio from both MAC and PC sources, as well as coaxial and Toslink inputs, all handling up to 24-bit/192 kHz high-resolution files.  These superb digital boards use some of the most sophisticated technologies today, including XMOS asynchronous processors to reclock the USB data stream to get rid of jitter, Wolfson digital receivers, and ESS SABRE DAC chips. Combining them with Cary Audio’s renowned analog output circuitry and well-built power supplies brings together performance that is nothing short of extraordinary, with the hallmark Cary Audio sound.  There will be two versions of this DAC.  The DAC-100 will be a completely solid-state design, while the DAC-100t will be a hybrid design with a vacuum tube output stage.


In addition, we’ll have our new HH-1 tube/MOSFET hybrid headphone amplifier on display, showing off its natural, yet highly engaging and textured sound, which has already sparked great interest in the headphone community.


Cary Audio will be officially launching a new Audio Electronics component, filling out the Audio Electronics line along with the currently available Nighthawk headphone amplifier, Constellation preamplifier, and Hercules amplifier.  The Lightning DAC, an all solid-state design, will utilize a new digital input board designed by Gordon Rankin. Inputs include Streamlength USB to listen to computer audio from either MAC or PC, and coaxial and Toslink, all handling up to 24-bit/192 kHz files.  On the analog side, we will introduce for the first time at CES a new vacuum tube power amplifier and preamplifier.  The Hercules amplifier is a 30 watt/channel class-AB design, with one pair of EL34 output tubes per channel and one 12AX7 input/driver tube per channel. It is a zero global feedback design, is biased heavily into class-A over a large portion of its power range, and uses a cathode-biasing circuit for plug-and-play operation.  The Constellation preamplifier is a full class-A triode design utilizing a single 6SN7 tube per channel.  It has three line-level inputs and a remote-controllable motorized volume control.   All the Audio Electronics components are entirely designed and built in America at the Cary Audio factory in Apex, North Carolina.  All Audio Electronics products are available online factory direct or through select dealers.


Cary Audio will be partnered with a number of other manufacturers in several display rooms. In our own suite in the Venetian (35-209), we will be displaying four systems in conjunction with Tannoy and WyWires. Tannoy’s flagship Kingdom Royal speakers will be shown with our SLP-05 tube preamplifier, a pair of CAD-211FE tube monoblock power amplifiers, and our CD-303T CD/SACD/DAC to play discs as well as hi-resolution files from a computer. This system will be running all balanced with WyWires top Gold series wiring and WyWires power conditioning. A second system will feature the SLP-03 vacuum tube preamplifier, SA-200.2 solid state stereo amplifier, and CD-303T CD/SACD/DAC playing through a pair of Tannoy Precision 6.4 tower speakers, and connected with WyWires Silver series cables and their power conditioning. We will have an active Audio Electronics by Cary Audio system, consisting of a Constellation preamplifier, Hercules power amplifier, Lightning DAC, and hi-resolution computer files, playing a pair of Tannoy Precision 6.1 monitors, and connected with WyWires Blue series cables and their power conditioning. There will also be a headphone listening area with our HH-1 hybrid headphone amplifier and Audio Electronics Nighthawk headphone amplifier running Grado SR-325 and AKG K-702 headphones.


You can also find Cary Audio systems in the Adam Audio suite (Venetian 30-321), where they will show their new Column Mk3 from their Classic series, along with others of their speakers, run by our SLP-05 tube preamplifier, SA-500.1 solid-state monoblock power amplifiers, and CD-303T CD/SACD/DAC.


In the Marketplace at T.H.E. Show, we will have all Audio Electronics products on static display at the Audiogon table, and will be raffling off a Nighthawk headphone amplifier ($1195 retail price). Simply visit their booth and scan in the QR code to enter the drawing.


As in previous years, there will be numerous other manufacturers at both CES and T.H.E. Show (in the Flamingo Hotel) using our acclaimed CD players in their systems to play discs and utilize their DAC features. We are looking forward to this showcase event to introduce these many new products, as well as our classic models, to a broad audience of music lovers, the press and industry members.


About Cary Audio

A manufacturer of high-end audio and video electronics, Cary Audio is known for delivering innovative, no-compromise high-end audio and audio video designs to owners worldwide. Cary Audio’s award winning product lines have received accolades from many influential audio enthusiast magazines. Visit for complete product specifications and additional information.


For more information about this topic, questions, comments, or feedback, please call Katie Wright at 919-355-0010 or email [email protected].

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