Featured Member – Wesgold

This week’s Featured Member comes to us from sunny Southern California with a extravagant, custom room with a definite sense of style.  User Wesgold, says he hopes he is done with upgrades for at least 10 years.  We’re sure anyone could spend at least that much time enjoying this ultimate setup, complete with a projection screen, piano, pool table, and foosball. The custom cherry wood doors, acoustic ceiling, and bass trap fireplace add to the experience, making this listening area a great place to escape.
Equipment Pictured:
7.2 Diamond Audio & Front Projection Cinema
Speakers:Bower & Wilkins 800Diamond (Left, Right), Bower & Wilkins 802D (Center Surround side right, Surround side left), Bower & Wilkins Signature 7NT in ceiling (back speakers)
Subwoofers: JL Audio Fathom F113 (2)
Amplifiers: Class CA-M600 mono-blocks & CA-5200
Surround Sound Processor 7.1: Class SSP-800
Universal Blu-Ray Player, DVD-A, SACD: OPPO BDP-95
Music Server: Apple TV
Super Audio CD (SACD): Sony XA777ES
VIDEO: Projector: JVC DLA-RS35U Reference Series
Screen: Stewart Film Screen Visionary, FireHawkG3 (10 feet wide, 2:35 aspect) ratio
Cables: Speaker cables: Kimber Kable 8TC, Interconnect: Mogami, HDMi 1.3: Belden
Headphones: Denon AH-D7000: Ultra Reference
Accessories: Power Conditioner: Furman, Dedicated: 20amp line
Audiogon: Tell us a little about yourself.
Wesgold: I live in Southern California and have always been a music fan.  I love going to symphonies, especially at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA.
A: Explain the process of how you’ve tweaked your system and room to get it to where it is now.
Wesgold: I researched and read extensively about acoustics and design before customizing the room.  My process was to get the best sound I could afford for multichannel 5.1 SACDs. I have a collection of about 200 SACDs. I have tried to design the room so it would look good and sound good; it needed to be inviting and comfortable.
A: Can you go in some detail about your custom acoustic ceiling?  How did you get that installed?
Wesgold: I designed the ceiling myself with fiber glass and 100% linen fabric.  The wood beams are solid cherry that my old friend wood-craftsman built and installed with me.
A: You had the cherry doors custom made, as well – do they also help with acoustics and soundproofing?
Wesgold: The two custom solid cherry doors are 9 feet tall, two inches thick.  They truly help minimize sound leakage except when the JLAudio Fathom start shaking the house.
A: Do you have any other room treatments? If so, what are they and how do they help?
Wesgold: I also have additional panels covered with linen behind a painting that is painted on linen fabric allowing to compensate for the large windows. The room sounds quite good even though it is not symmetrical. In addition, I use the fireplace as a bass trap.
A: What is your favorite component and why?
Wesgold: My favorite components are my speakers B&W 800Diamond.  They are the best speakers I have ever owned and probably will keep them for a very long time. They are outstanding for music and are outstanding for movies. Now if I could have an 11.4 system with nine B&W 800Diamond and four JLAudio Fathom, then it would be just incredible!
A: What is your favorite music to listen to?
Wesgold:  I love all sorts of music, classical especially Mozart, Berlioz, Dvorak, Rock, Brazilian, Italian, French, and other world music.  In addition, I love acoustic guitar.  My favorite guitar player is Jesse Cook.
A: How much time do you spend in your room weekly?
Wesgold: We spend at least three to four hours every day in that room listening to music and watching movies.
A: Is there any rule, theory, or advice you abide by with the set up of your system that you’d like to share?

Wesgold: This is a hobby that I enjoy to relax and spend time with my family and friends.  My only advice is do your research, take your time before making a purchase, and more importantly listen with your ears.  Have your significant others listen, as well, and buy what sounds best to you, not what someone is trying to sell you.  Then you will enjoy it for a long time and not be disappointed 🙂  My philosophy is that I would rather spend my money into a room like this that in cars, watches, or clothes.
Thanks again, Wesgold!  To become the next Audiogon Featured Member, submit pictures of your room here.


  1. Oh so very cool room and so very well done. From the ceiling to the headphone holder. Top notch gear all the way. Fun, games and music.

  2. These [email protected]’s are great, Abbey Road use them as reference monitors and I have heard that speaker amp comb at the Sydney Av show……nice. Classy surroundings, great room but i would have cooling fans in that cabinet with the big amps. I would find it hard not to spend even more time with a set up like that. Well done mate.

    1. Yes upgrades

      The new set up is:
      Three B&W 800Diamond (L/C/R)
      Four B&W 802D (RS/LS/BS/LBS)
      Two B&W Signature 7NT in ceiling 
      to create a 9.2 surround sound system!

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