Audio Electronics Teams Up with Audiogon for Online Distrubution

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JANUARY 31, 2013

Audio Electronics by Cary Audio has teamed up with Audiogon (, the leading marketplace for online sales of high performance audio products and accessories, to be an online sales destination for the Audio Electronics brand. Founded in 1997, the Audiogon marketplace reaches a worldwide community of over 350,000 high fidelity enthusiasts, offering used, demo and manufacturer-direct products for sale.


Audio Electronics by Cary Audio highlight the simplicity and elegance of the initial products launched under the Audio Electronics Supply moniker in 1993 yet improve upon the build quality and sonic performance by using more modern design parameters and carefully selected premium parts. The new Audio Electronics preamplifier, power amplifier and headphone amplifier will provide reference quality playback and represent a strong value as well. The new models include:

Constellation Preamplifier MSRP $1495

Hercules Power Amplifier MSRP $1895

Nighthawk Headphone Amplifier MSRP $1195

The Audio Electronics by Cary Audio line has been designed at the company’s factory in North Carolina and is manufactured by hand there as well. “One key to re-introducing the Audio Electronics brand is to let consumers know on a broad scale that these high performance, value oriented products exist,” explained Cary Audio President Billy Wright. “What better way to get this message out than to partner with a company like Audiogon, which is known and respected in the industry and throughout the world for bringing customers together to experience the best in electronic components,” Wright concluded.

“In conjunction with Cary Audio, we felt that this particular manufacturer-direct line would be a good fit to sell to the Audiogon community,” explained Audiogon CEO Steve Clay. “Our goal for 2013 is to help support the industry by driving consumer enthusiasm and sales for both manufacturers and dealers throughout our marketplace and readership.  “We understand that supporting our members, manufacturers and dealers are key components to increasing the visibility of the high performance audio industry,” Clay added.

About Audio Electronics by Cary Audio

A product line designed and manufactured by Cary Audio, Audio Electronics has a long history of delivering high-end performance products at very modest prices. The Audio Electronics products are built in the Cary Audio factory in North Carolina and proudly wear the Made in USA label. Visit for complete product specifications and additional information.

For more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Cary Audio President Billy Wright, please call Katie Wright at 919-355-0010 or email [email protected].

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