Magneplanar Bass Panels (DWM) – The Bass That Fits Your Space

Contrary to those guys riding around with two 10″ subwoofers in the trunks of their cars, you know that it is possible to have too much bass.  You may have even experienced this yourself – test drive a system at a dealer’s shop only to discover that it’s literally blowing you away in your home.  Magnepan is acutely aware that there is no real one size fits all when it comes to high performance audio.

At CES 2013, we were treated to a demonstration of Magnepan’s Bass Panels, “the bass that fits your space,” and they were quite impressive.  Solving the problem of too little bass, audio enthusiasts tend to add a subwoofer to their system, but then complain that it sounds too “muddy” or distorted.  Seeing a need in the market for better bass, Magnepan developed the DWM and DW 1 Bass Panels.

Ideally, the bass diaphragm should expand like an accordion to perfectly fit with your room’s acoustical needs, and the Maggie Bass Panels have been designed with this in mind to give you rich bass/midbass that might be missing in your current set up.

From Magneplanar’s website, “The Magneplanar Bass Panel (DWM) is a dipole, thin-film, planar/magnetic bass panel. It is essentially a small section out of the 20.1 and 20.7 bass drivers. If you have a high-current amplifier, adding the Bass Panel is easy and inexpensive. Better bass for those difficult rooms and no subwoofer discontinuity issues.”

Continuing with their outside-of-the-box thinking, Magnepan has made these panels so small and thin that they can be easily disguised, even as custom built-ins for your furniture.  That has the “Spouse Approval Factor” written all over!  To see an example, watch the video from CES 2013 below!

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